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Asian-American Expo: Lots of Pictures! ♥


Ok, we still have about a week, but I was jumping the gun and trying to hype everyone up! ♥ How is everyone hmm?!
So you may be wondering,"WTF Mikan, why are you doing an early Chinese New Year post?" I can assure you cosplay and Chinese New Year is TOTALLY related.. at least in this case. Okay? Okay!

For those of you who are lolita fans, you are probably familiar with lolita designs done by the lovely dolldelight! Through her passion and love for lolita and fashion, she taught herself (I know, amazing!) how to sew and eventually started creating her own dresses. She does commission, so if you have a style or a look you have been wanting but cannot sew yourself, definitely ask her! Great quality and beautiful designs \(*0*\) AND BOWS THE SIZE OF A TODDLER. You can view her page via Facebook here for progress on her designs. ♥

Anyways, Pacific Media Expo (aka PMX) and dolldelight were invited to Asian-American Expo (AAE) as guests to showcase cosplay and lolita culture. For those of you who have never attended AAE, this is not an anime convention.. it's more like a giant Asian grocery store the size of a mall. So you can only imagine how awkward it might be to have families stare... x_x

Back on track! Ok, so because of the invite, 30 cosplayers/lolitas were needed to help out with the fashion show. Koto had never been to AAE before, and I have not been to one in years, so we both decided to go to support Cyril's work and to put cosplay out there...then roam around the convention! Koto cosplay in Touhou, my cosplay in K-ON! Can you guess our characters? -(OxO)-

Walking into the expo!

There was this AWESOME carousel in the middle of the whole place. It had two levels!

Waiting for the other lolitas and cosplayers to arrive!

Dolldelight's booth! She just got there so she had to set up.

HER BOWS! Everyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for pretty bows. If I could, I'd have all them them gnaw at my head.

Lovely dolldelight prepping her table! 

Unfortunately we had to meet up kind of early, so Koto and I did not get a chance to eat in the morning! FORTUNATELY there was a food stand...everywhere. We just got to the expo and Erskine, a photographer friend, was kind enough to bring us food! Takoyaki, boba milk tea, and red bean cake. ありがとう Erskine!-(♥u♥)- You can check his work out on Facebook (he's super friendly!) here!

Last pics of the updated booth!

When everyone got here, we went on our way to the show! Unfortunately I had no pockets so Erskine and Koto had to keep my cell phone for me, so I have some missing photos on the first part of the fashion show.. ._. /failblog

Saw these GORGEOUS Thai ladies next to us and I had to take a few pictures. The headpieces were AMAZING and they were all beautiful. Needless to say I was staring while they were being talked to by a Chinese camera crew... then I finally got the courage to ask one of the girls for a picture. I want one of the headpieces! ~(♥o♥ ~)

ALL of these were designed and handmade by dolldelight. Don't you want one now?! No I'm not talking about the pretty girls, but I'm pretty sure if we got each one and shrank them, they'll look like beautiful dolfies. All the girls were beautiful!


Queuing in line. This got us more nervous because the first show was outdoors on a small performance stage. The second one was in the indoors MAIN STAGE... WITH A CATWALK. Ok not a full one, but enough to make me a bit nervous. o(x_x)o

Spiderman balloon! I wanted one but I could not find the balloon-maker! The yellow balloon he is hooked to has a smiley face and a kiss on his cheek. かわいい

Performers before us. This stage is huge!

THIS COSPLAYER LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE MY FRIEND! I felt so bad for staring at her e_e

Oh hai thar! :D
FINALLY we went on stage. The top two photos are of dolldelight herself! Sorry for the lack of photos; my phone was in Koto's pocket as we were getting ready to walk up. We were both so nervous!

ERSKINE Y U KEEP FEEDING US? /fat-cosplay XD Was so nice to grab us okonomiyaki, so we ran (we seriously jolted up and went) to buy drinks so he would stop treating us. We felt so bad! However, he is super nice because we did photoshoots for like.. 3 hours... in the cold... with two photographers! But we did not mind since it was fun and there were so many ideas! Okonomiyaki, pudding milk tea, and two green teas! Also got (darn you Erskine!) traditional chinese sugared fruit-on-stick (I forget the Chinese name for this). Got tomato and strawberry one, thank you!

And to end the post: I got a bit too excited while shooting..

..I jumped into a giant bush of roses laced with thorns. Cosplay = pain ♥.

Will post some pictures on photoshoot and video(s) of event when/if I can find them! Please be patient! ♥

And on a super unrelated note, I FINALLY ORDERED MY ♥DREAM SHOES♥. Okay, maybe just one of them... ;x

Can't wait for these to get in. I have been eying these for some time now. Couldn't find them anywhere, then Solestruck restocked ONE PAIR of size 7. Hope it wasn't a bad return or something. Regardless, I am so excited!! \(♥u♥)/

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