Monday, January 9, 2012

Went to ALA on Saturday in this cosplay. I made teh whole thing myself.. except the hakama, because my friend had a red one (for one of her cosplays) I can use so I don't need to slave on them; we made hakamas one year for a group Bleach cosplay, and it was madness 9_9. So... anyone know who I am? ;x

Hint: video game character!!

..OK I CAN'T HOLD IT IN I WAS COSPLAYING AS A RONIN! ~(♥u♥)~ Female Ronin from Disgaea.

A few of my friends and I did a little cosplay group of Disgaea! Instead of doing pictures, we did a video instead. Waiting for the editing... and I already know I looked stupid. Aside from that, I think a few photographers took my photo, so I will post if I can find the pics!

Also I did not plan on buying anything at exhibition hall this time. I keep telling myself: Y U BUY PLUSHY N NO USE? WAYST MONEH! (in an asian parent accent -insert appropriate meme-) So I vowed to not buy plushies. Ever.

..then I bought one. -smacks forehead-

BUT I SWEAR I HAD TO GET IT. For those of you who know me well, I LOVE Mickey Mouse (probably more than Gloomy Bear -gasp-) ♥!! So I was walking around the hall... then I saw this:

私はミクリです~ ♥

HOW DO I REFUSE SUCH CUTENESS?! And it has the appropriate month on it too! SO CUTE! I honestly saw him and started haggling with the salesman to mark it down for me. In the end I get $5 off since I saw a broken stitch, resulting in a little hole (but I fixed it so he's ok! ♥). Honestly I got so excited, I started sweating a little... and squealing a LOT. ._. so embarrassed, but at least it's at a con so it's normal!

And the reason why I really wanted this little plush is because it is the handheld version of the one I can never find... UNLESS I GO TO JAPAN. NO MONEY LA! \(; A ;)/

I will be forever happy when I get this one. ♥ That's right, WHEN. -( ; . ; )-
As for my feelings for today..

..Today is another day I get to look into the sky and appreciate what I have. No matter how hard life sometimes appears to be, there is always someone else who has it harder. Love your life and keep living it until it's half-full instead of half-empty!

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