Monday, June 9, 2014

Neo Dali Natural Touch Review ☆

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As many of you might have noticed, the trending look now in the gyaru world is the natural look! Though there are many ways to pull off a natural look with minimal makeup, the easiest area to emphasize to bring out the dolly look..

..are the eyes!

And today I will be reviewing natural colored lenses, Neo Dali Natural Touch for the every-day natural look!

Brand: Neo Vision
Model: Neo Dali Natural Touch (N074)
Color: Brown
Size: 14.2 mm
Water Content: 45%
Base Curve: 8.6

It is always difficult to determine which pair of lens to wear (in general) when purchasing online since
  1. The photos may be inaccurate in color
  2. Reviews/photos vary depending on a person's eye size/shape, yielding a variety of results from different people
However, I will try my very best to explain to you these lenses! But first and foremost..

The contacts I have purchased are from Fobby Barbie ( I have purchased from them when they first started up as a Facebook e-shop, and they have expanded since! This says a lot about the quality of service does it not?

I received my package in a manila envelope, and I could feel the bubble wrap inside protecting my purchase.

Upon opening my package, these items came out. My purchase was neatly wrapped and came with a free lens case!

Unwrapped, you can tell that Fobby Barbie really has taken the time to figure out cleaner packaging. Super cute!

On the back-side of the box, there are basic instructions on lens care. This is great as a reminder or for first-time lens-wearers.

Box opened, a cut-out was made to prevent the lens from moving around during shipment, minimizing the chance of cracking.

All opened! Neatly packaged and organized. The bottles fit into the slide-out box perfectly.

Photo of the contacts in natural lighting. Because there are no black rings on the edges, this pair blends easily into my eyes. I recommend these contacts to those with brown eyes who want natural enlargement. 

I have been told that wearing these, the eyes look more "wet" or "awake", and I do agree! Looks a bit glossier, like there is a glimmer.

Neo Dali Natural Touch (purchase here) in natural lighting
Only eye makeup is smudged brown eyeliner and a little mascara! Simple and natural make! ~ヾ(^∇^) 

Enlargement: Natural (but noticeable) enlargement. Great for those who want to put a bit more emphasis in the eyes.
Color: Blends easily with brown eyes, very natural.
Comfort: Standard. I can wear for 6 hours without re-wetting with eyedrops.
Notes: Recommended for those who want natural dolly eyes to go with makeup and/or natural enlargement. Want to wear less makeup (or none at all) but still have your eyes pop? Try these!

Not only do these lenses look great for the natural gyaru look, it is easy to transition to the ulzzang look with these lenses as well!

If these contacts stand out too much and you would much prefer something much more subtle, I recommend Neo Dali Brown 2 (purchase here)!

Have you tried them? How do they look? Let me know!

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