Monday, February 15, 2010

♥ mikan on blogger!

this is me when my hair was still growing out. (waits patiently) GROW!! >.< -

mikan here! (hear trumpets and see confetti fly) i finally got a personal blog! here i will be posting regularly (or try really hard to!), updating everyone on what is going on in my life inside and outside of my world! i will try my best to be literate! (triple checks spelling/grammar and looks up synonyms to sound smart) XD! hope to make new friends too! maybe mika nakashima has a blogger...*u*

i have never really used blogger before, so please be patient if stuff comes out really weird! i am still n00b! >_>i

as some may know, i posted a video a bit ago during Thanksgiving on Facebook. the video was made as a thank-you for all my new/old friends and supporters of AniMaid Cafe! it warms my heart knowing that so many friends go to our events and enjoy our company! arigatou gozaimashita goshujinsama/ojousama! and like in the video, i apologize if sometimes at conventions i do not recognize some of my goshujinsama/ojousama! gomenasai! i am bad with names and sometimes only recognize faces (but seem rude if mikan say hi and not know name! so mikan don't say anything ._.). sometimes i feel people around me are too cool for me too, so it makes me nervous/shy to say "hi" or just be friendly. please be friendly and say "hi" to mikan! i am just a little shy! thank you for being my friends x.x

mikan have been a fatty lately. stay up late listening to music looking at random (and i mean RANDOM) youtube clips online with mio as we karaoke to '90s pop music on Pandora and snacking on sweets. it is fun, but sometimes i don't get anything done.

(note to self: if have lots of tasks to do, stay away from mio! ;x)

we finished half of these oishii danish sugar cookies

should mikan upload video of mio singing? mio you okay with that? i give you 10 seconds to respond... no response? OKIE MIKAN UPLOAD ULTRA MOE VIDEO! hee~ (mio you love me!)

ah i can't stop squee-ing when i see this video! but mio is gonna' beat me for this ._.i

we definitely need to stop distracting each other (sigh). XD hee~

and here's a funny one of the mochi mio made that was uber yummy but had a funny tumor bubble ;x

yes, we eat a lot and we do a lot of random stuffs! love it! !

okie me getting tired now! will post more when have time!

p.s. oh yes and i am making this blog so everyone knows what is happening when i am not able to update them, so please, if possible, leave a comment to this if you think this blog = good idea! mucho love~


  1. 1st to give a silk bow <3 Yay Yay!!

    >.< My voice...Nuuuuu~ *Steal Video*
    We need to push ourselves into the blogging thing seriously XDD

    Good Luck Twinsy <3

  2. すごい よ みかん と ミオ!

    Kchan told me I should expand my food blog to include reviews too XD