Thursday, February 18, 2010

hello hello! ♥~

it is really Really REALLY late right now, but i still want to do a small picture update! (hee~ ♥) as some may know, i enjoy eating a lot! if you see me at a restaurant, you will probably see me clicking pictures of food with my celly or cammy. hyuhyuhyu! why? because i want to remember what the food looks like before it ends up in my tummy! here are a few of my favorite yum-yums!

this is a baby potato from Foo Foo Tei covered in mayonnaise!

one of Foo Foo Tei's ramen bowls hee~

...and another ;x

okie i didn't actually eat this, but it's so cute! chibi pineapples i saw at supermarket!

mio's friend came back from vacation and brought us a box of taro bun-balls. mikan not a fan of taro, but this was quite yummy!

i have a lot of pictures of food...but don't know which ones to upload! hope mikan didn't get you hungry (hee~ ♥)!


so today i got back home a little late. mio was nice enough to cook for mikan (yayyayayay! ♥ twinsy)! she made salmon with some veggie with a weird name (orca? is that killer whale? e_ei). it was so yummy! mikan was so hungry, everything was demolished before i could snap a picture ;A; mikan fatty ._. (sigh). will take pictures next time!

actually mio can cook really well! so maybe i will just NOT cook for a while so i get nom-nom food. i am not a good cook (burns boiling water) HOW DO I BURN WATER?! mikan fail..

i am not sure, but i think i have a shoot this weekend with mr. gilbert. i am nervous but excited at the same time. it has been a while since i snapped pics solo! wonder if i still know my angles? we will see! hopefully i won't "tomato" like i normally do =_=i

i am also currently waiting for my DS! mikan finally found good pricing for white DS Lite, so i am waiting patiently! i already started making a little pouch for it and thinking of deco-ing it! i did some deco for my cell phone already..

it was very hard to deco at first since it is so intricate, but finally i grow some patience and got better! hee~

haven't had time to do any more deco OR sewing though D:. i was supposed to go to koto's to do some sewing stuffs.. oh well, next time! i will post new things i've made and purchased along with videos next when i have time!

au revoir!

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