Monday, May 10, 2010


excuse my strand of hair! >.< bad hair keep flying at my face blah!


just wanted to tell all the mommy's out there..
you deserve it! hee~

the day before Mother's Day, mikan went to hang out with friend because i haven't seen her in a long time! we ended up eating at Taiwanese restaurant called "Machi"!

restaurant was not busy when we went (3pm). was actually pretty empty, so service was nice! because it was my first time there and i didn't know what to get, mikan friend ordered!
my drink was honey green tea! very refreshing since it was a hot day!

what we had! it look funky, but yes it is very noms! fried tofu, soy sauced egg, some minced(?) meats, and veggies on top of rice! is very basica Taiwanese dish (said friend!), but simple and nommy!

after lunch with her, had to make reservations to restaurant for Mother's Day dinner (because had other stuff to do on mama's day and can't make it x.x).Tibet Nepal House for Himalayan dinner! here are some yummy pics to taunt you!

restaurant was word would be "quaint"; not too small but not too big. really nice restaurant if you want to go on a cute date! pricing is decent, and food served is family style. portions are small, so you can try bit of everything there! my favorite was the yak stew and the veggie curry with bamboo shoots!

and mikan not only eat out, but cook too! not that good, but try very best to! here are few recent dishes i made!
call this MIKAN SALAD. has tangerines (hee~), mixed greens, and some yummy sauce! did not have almond slices or cranberries >.

mikan's SUN IS UP! meal (egg yolk look like sun in sky huh!). omelette have diced yellow onion, green onion and secret seasonings (fuahaha!). seasoned garlic wedges on side with white rice topped with grilled onions! oishii~ :: hunger ::


also i apologize! know i said i would make tutorial, but this came before anything! may consider a DIY instead though! gomenasai! >.

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  1. mikan-chan~~ where can i buy a maid costume like yours? x)