Wednesday, June 2, 2010

♥ picture update!! IMAGE HEAVY!! ♥

mikan is back finally!! minimal makeup is best always! ♥


i keep lagging! know i said i post tutorial or DIY, but so much happened last few weeks! so heavy picture update this time!

last week went to meeting for AniMaid Cafe! haven't seen everyone in so long!! before meeting, mikan and few other meido were asked to do commercial for upcoming event for cafe! so had to wake up super early after sleeping over at momo's house! so tired with few hours of sleep!

on the way to commercial! was so tired neh~

getting ready! mikan already done so taking picture of chiyo and kchan!

so much help! look at lovely venus and AniMaid photographer john!

kchan finally finished! so cutie hm?

waiting for my turn in commercial! we each have own separate section in commercial that represent us! will post commercial when it is officially done!

loved the waiting area! munchies on the side and a bunch of nicely mold framed mirrors and cute chairs! mikan can be pro photographer too (haha john! >:l) look chiyo cute huh!

hosts kaname and lulu also helped with commercial and were waiting their turn! me took lovely yaoi picture for the ladies haha ;x.

chiyo doing her portion! guess what her strength is hm?

so after long time shooting, we rush to our cafe meeting LATE! when got there, cafe photographer gilbert gave me present! what is mikan's most favorite dessert of all?


at meeting mikan practice food doodle! chocolate too watery, but tried best to make cute!

chiyo recently came back from Japan! so jealous! she bring back noms from maid cafe (@home cafe me think). mikan got one cutie one!

it is DELICIEUX! mikan nommed it fast. wish could eat more.

after long meeting we went to get food with friends from cafe! good way to finish day!

nommy food! ordered salmon with creme sauce and pineapple rice. healthy but a little fatty!!! delicioussss!

also just finished my kigurumi! took two days of slavery, but finally finished! mikan's favorite character is?


on side note, AniMaid Cafe will have an event in July called MAX! commercial for this event can be seen here!!

:P we are also accepting applications for new maids and hosts! ^-^v please apply if interested!


  1. sugoi ne!! you and your friends look really pretty! ^^ All the food pictures make me feel hungry.. T___T ganbate for your commercial!

    p/s: the youtube video is very funny! hehe

  2. You all look so kawaii ^^
    Can't wait to see the commercial!

    I'm following you,
    Follow me? :)