Monday, May 3, 2010


look at my forehead! foreheads are cool! (why not more hairstyles with foreheads showing? hm?!)


well mikan just want to make an announcement! have been lagging and not really updating x_xi
ごめんなさい! but here it goes!


 hopefully my blog is interesting and help some out on where to shop (shop smart!) and learn about my interesting life neh! haven't done DIY or tutorial in a while..will definitely do so next post!

okie, back to my post..
mikan have been shopping lately!

"where mikan, where!"

you will be surprised! went to 99¢ Store! some people think only good things are brand, but really, you can find lots of things here! my puchases:


V05 conditioner in KIWI LIME SQUEEZE. smells really nice, and only 99¢!

SOFTSOAP in Crisp Cucumber and Melon! mikan love fresh scents! hee~

and finally, got tangerine (hehehe ♥) lemonade towel and oven mittens! mio keep burning herself because our other mitten had a hole, so now problem fixed! :D

recently got rewards card from VS too! mentioned it in one of previous post, that any purchase come with surprise reward card! because i dunno' what to buy, i just got little lip makeups!

wonder what it could be?! love getting packages! like surprises!

from left to right (all are from Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush line!): cheek and lip tint in JUST PEACHY, lip gloss in YUMMY BERRY, minty lip shine in CITRUS MINTY and BUBBLE MINTY, and finally glossy shinestick in MANGO TANGO! ♥

so far mikan has used lip/cheek stain. my thoughts? lovely! ♥ it looks really red, but when applied, gives a nice sheer layer of natural lip color, a bit like if you had a red popsicle and it left a red lip stain, but less obvious. smells really nice too, like cherry or skittles candy! also has a small bit of glimmer glitter in it so it gives a nice hint of bling!

also recently ordered for first time BB CREAM from Skin79! got Super Beblesh Balm: VIP Gold Edition

♥ packaging is cute and simple! it make me feel bling bling ♥! it has gold and caviar i believe! before purchasing, did lots of research to see which one fit me best! it seemed like this one was most fitting, so i ordered it online. when it came, the package felt relatively light! was anything inside even? finally saw some of bb cream come out (with mio's help)! came out rather thick, but when blended it was very light! coverage is minimal to medium (if you layer more on), and it seemed to fit my skin type well! big note though,

it really is much like a foundation, but a lot lighter. also there have been reviews that say when worn regularly, sometimes breakouts occur (but this may be different with different skin types i think!). treat this as MAKEUP and not as a daily facial routine! even though my face felt softer and moisturized, i made sure i had my daily moisturizer and sunblock on before putting on the bb. maybe different for other people, but i'm afraid i will break out!

so this is the end of this post! dunno' what tutorials/DIY stuff to do >.

P.S. also forgot to mention, AniMaid Cafe was invited to Las Vegas for MOMO-I NIGHT FEST! big fan of Halko Momoi? want to see AniMaid Cafe? please view the video and prepare for uber moe! ♥


  1. Becauseee.. not a lot of people's foreheads are pretty..IM jealous! you have a perfect shaped face, perfect to put ur hair up. I cant >< I love the lipglosses from VS too! super glossy! Last but not least, Congrats to the 1000views! thanks for stopping by, love your blog :D

  2. oh no i think it can be done! just style accordingly to face type and makeup right way!

    you're gorgeous! and your blog is helpful :) hope we can be good friends hm! ♥