Monday, April 26, 2010

i am back with food and some shopping goods! onwards nya!


so i think mr. gilbert, mio, and i have made Wednesday our official random-go-out-eat-at-new-restaurants day! ♥ we recently went to restaurant Class 302 for snacking and dessert!

on our way we go!

the restaurant is more like a small classroom...literally! the whole decor was made to look like you're in a classroom back in Taiwan!

the place is known for their desserts, especially their snow. yes, it's not shaved ice, it's SNOW. before ordering our snow, we decided to get some appetizers to sample their Taiwanese dishes.

my thoughts? well i LOVE sweet potato fries, so that was a big plus for me nya! the sausages and small lunch meal was ordered by mr. gilbert! his review can be seen here. it seems their appetizers and meals are just ok. after all, they ARE known for their dessert!

after talking a bit and taking pictures, we finally decided on getting our dessert. mikan ordered strawberry with condensed milk snow (because it's one of my favorite desserts!) and mr. gilbert and mio shared a mango with mochi snow!

..and after!

it was one of the best "shaved ice" mikan has ever had! *Q* price is pretty good for the size, it is definitely made for two people to share! but mikan was fatty and ate it all herself >:D~ (ok mio and mr. gilbert nibbled on some too). definitely recommend this for dessert!

also purchased a few things this weekend! necessities!!
what could it be hmm?
finally got a wristlet! always hate going out and carry a lot when everything can fit in this little thing! i did not like the prints and colors, so went for classic and got black pewter leather wristlet! i love it because it fits my celly, moneys, ID, and lip balm/gloss! that's all we need to bring out really!

to be honest mikan rarely find good books to read (unless fashion magazine count?), but recently decided on a purchase!

did not watch movie yet, but got book instead! will read before watching movie. so far introduction makes it seem really interesting! definitely going to enjoy this book! excited! XD~

okie getting late. will update some more when new things come up! oyasumi!


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    XOXO Charlotte

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