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♥ DIY & International Maid Idol Contest! PLEASE SUPPORT! ♥

 A really bad photo of me! For some reason this app shrinks photos. ACK! (;一_一)

 Like my shorts? Well..

I DID IT MYSELF! Actually had really bad fitting pants (very out of style..and a size too big! I was a horrible dresser..), and I lack denim shorts! Such a basic item, and I do not have one! It was superrrr easy to do this! The final product looks like this:

Can you see it better now?

1. Fabric scissors, or a bad pair of scissors that you can't use to cut paper because it's...bad. XD
2. Pair of jeans. I think straight jeans work best because when you fold over, it won't be too tight.
3. Lace, trim, ribbon, studs, or anything you want to decorate with!
4. Optional: Fray-check

The hardest part is cutting the shorts correctly! Most people just cut straight across. DO NOT DO THIS! Notice that most shorts are cut at an angle, usually the shortest sides being at your thigh/hip area! Also, take note that the back side of your shorts have more fabric than the front; this is to cover your butt! If it's equal on both sides, you will be showing a lot of booty!Regardless, you can always be super cute wearing short shorts with leggings/stockings! Like my ulzzang idol Mikki~ *Q*

Want that double-breasted jacket BAD.

Anywho if you like the frayed look, be sure that after cutting your denim, you use some Fray-check!

This little bottle prevents fraying! It is amazing! I was going to toss out so many jeans, but realized I can do so many projects with them! And after cutting them all up..I use this little friend and all got fixed!

So after you cut everything you want, you can use fabric glue to glue on the lace parts you like, or if you have a sewing machine like me, sew it on!

 Now for the part I need EVERYONE'S help on! x_x; Pleaseeeee!

How great would it be for me to win! Well, it's a slim chance since I'm going up against 40+ contestants (ahmahgad D:), but just being able to win...making it to the select 40ish...


Taken from the page itself:

" このコンテストは、カリフォルニアの AniMaidカフェのVenusちゃんによって運営されています。アリゾナ州の At Your Service のTrinkuちゃんの助けを借りて。彼らは一緒に世界中のすべてのメイド&ホストを祝うためにメイドカフェリソースグループとファンページを構築するた めに取り組んできました。彼らは女中との間のギャップを埋める、日本の友人たちから興味深いと新しい文化を祝うために取り組んでいます。

This contest is run by Venus-Chan of California's AniMaid Cafe with the help of Trinku-chan of Arizona's At Your Service Cafe. Together they have been working to build the Maid Cafe Resource Group and FanPage to celebrate all Maids & Hosts across the globe. They are working to bridge the gap between maids and celebrate this interesting and new culture from our friends in Japan. "

So sweet! And there have been so many independent cafes everywhere that this really is a nice contest! From what I have been told, we have some maids from Europe, US, and...ALL OVER join! It is now down to 40!


 Of course this is NOT a beauty contest! To pass the second round (WHICH IS WHERE I AM AT!!), we need to be one of the top maids with the most "likes" on the main photo in the gallery to move on to the next round! And of course, you can vote for more than one maid! So please, please support me! ;A;Onegaishimasu~

Here are a few photos that are in the gallery. Remember, please vote for the MAIN photo (should be the one with pink stamp)! ; A ;


 I appreciate any help! Please like, reblog, post on your page and etc.! I am going up against some really popular maids...and I want to be popular too! LOL! -cry- (・。・;)

I thank everyone who is supportive of me..  ♥ Thankies much!
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