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Hello all! Sorry, I know I have been lacking updates (been so busy..and TIRED! x_x), so I am trying to frequently post now! Gomenasai~!

SO! I know many of you dolls love to dress up and go out, but does your hair ever get limp? I do not style my hair as much anymore (in the straight-hair phase again! ;x), so I am not having that issue! BUT when I had my Nakashima Mika inspired hair, my poor locks ended up lifeless from all the chemicals and styling tools..

Nakashima Mika! ♥ I had this hairstyle..
MY HAIR WAS SO BAD!! So much hair spray and heat used to keep this look up! (I know, Mikan with this grunge look? I love it still ;x) I finally found out how to maintain my hair's moisture and health, and so here are the products I now pamper myself with (for hair AND body!) after searching forEVER:

From left to right: Crede ID Care Heat Silk Lotion, Smooth n' Shine Hair Polish, The Body Shop Body Butter in Dreams, Victoria's Secret Smoothing Body Scrub in Kissing in Paris, Lux Repair Active Program Conditioner

 So the very first product is Crede ID Care Heat Silk Lotion. I can't express how much I LOVE this product! I apply this on the ends of my hair before styling (after drying), and I have NEVER gotten a split end after! My ends retain their moisture, or if anything, become more moisturized! Also, this smells AMAZING, like every Japanese product.

Next is Smooth N' Shine Polish! I have rather thin hair, which means it tends to dry out faster! During the dryer seasons, my hair gets static-y, and the shine is not there! After I wash my hair and pat it down, I use a bit of Smooth N' Shine when my hair is still wet. Simply use about the amount of the size of a quarter and rub between your palms, then stroke through all your hair. I usually focus on the outside hair since it dries out most there. Blow-dry, style (don't forget the Crede ID lotion!), and continue with your routine! Hopefully your hair ends up shinier like so:


Currently one of my favorite body items, The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Butter! This is AMAZING! When I get dry and need lotion, regular lotion doesn't cut it, at least not after I discovered body butters. So addicted now (・∀・ ) . Smells like baby powder, nothing TOO overpowering, and makes my body feel like a baby's butt..everywhere! Hahaha. My next purchase will probably be the lycee scent one ~(*0* ~).

This smells amazing. I usually do not indulge in bath products, but this scent TOTALLY got me! Victoria's Secret Kissing in Paris Body Scrub is AWE... wait for it... SOME! I have only used facial scrub (I use St. Ive's Apricot Scrub! It's great for combination skin!), and never considered using a BODY one until I smelled this. It has this light floral scent that just made me want to smell some more ( ̄□ ̄;) I know, lame reason. But I liked it so much, I bought the lotion too haha. I use my normal bath soap, and use this scrub after. When I get out of the shower, oh my gawsh, I FEEL SO SQUEAKY CLEAN... AND I SMELL GREAT. Love this.

At the very end, my Lux Repair Active Program! I can't seem to find where to purchase this product (I got it as a gift for purchasing some items at a convention), but when/if you can find this, THIS IS LOVE! This is the holy grail of conditioners for me. After shampooing, I use a regular amount (two quarters' size) and apply to the ends of my hair. By the time I start rinsing, my hair is smooth. I DO NOT NEED TO BRUSH MY HAIR AT ALL ( ゚ Д゚)?! Out of the shower, pat my hair, and I run my fingers through COMPLETELY SMOOTH HAIR. What else? I love the scent. It does not have the expected pretty girly smell, which is great if guys want to use this too (I know some guys out there don't want to smell pretty! Hahaha ;x). I am running out and I need to find where to buy this. ANYONE KNOW?!

With my hair, I have only been using the listed hair products. The only styling I do is with the straightener, usually for my bangs and the ends of my hair when I sleep in weird positions and my hair flips in strange directions. ( ̄_ ̄;) I blow-dry my hair half way so that my hair does not get damaged from heat (and I have the Smooth N' Shine on before I dry!); I let my hair dry out on its own. When it is pretty dry, I use the ID Lotion on the ends of my hair, then style. Pretty simple..


I normally use neutrals when I do makeup; I really like the natural look (unless I'm going out for special occasion). The go-to products that I ALWAYS have with me would be brown and black eyeliner. Seriously, when I'm on a rush and want/need to put on makeup, I just put black eyeliner on first (with a slight natural wing on edge) and brown eyeliner on top. Then I use my ring finger and smudge it. Re-apply some black eyeliner if I want definition, and that's it! Because I do this a lot, I already had to do a quick purchase at Target:
Milani Eyeliner Pencil in Dark Brown and Milani Easyliner in Black (about $5/$6 each at Target). The brown pencil is your basic eyeliner pencil, pretty standard. However, this goes on SUPER smooth.. like silk.. on a baby's butt.. on something smoother! Smudging works well, and it actually lasted the whole day (this product is NOT waterproof though!). Black liner is the "crayon" type, and waterproof. Decent smudging, holds all day. This brand was introduced to me by a friend when I kept complaining about finding that perfect black eyeliner. Don't know if this is it yet, but it's a good start!

What easy makeup do you wear? I could use some tips!

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