Wednesday, July 4, 2012

( ^_^)/ やぁ! Picture update!

Sorry for the lack of updates! Have been busy running around lately, so here is a quick picture post! Gomenasai~! m(。−_−。)m スイマセーン

Basil plant I grew for Steph!

OOTD. Grey on grey on grey! So monotone~

OOTD. Denim on denim!

Lunch.. I was trying to be healthy (trying!)... but then I got french fries ahahaha! ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ

 Ah and if no one knew, Anime Expo was this past week! I took very few pictures though..

Lovely Mangafreak as Gabumon! SO CUTEEE~

Only few recognized this cosplay I did. Vocaloid Luka from "Just Be Friends" music video.

 I actually did make the dress by hand as opposed to buying it (=__=; this is what I get for feeling guilty buying pieces). Can't tell though since most of my pics are from my phone!


Post-cosplay face!

Another OOTD! Spring/summer colors!

OOTD in neutral colors!

Will put up more updates soon! Please stay tuned!! ( ´∀`) 


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