Thursday, June 7, 2012

Belated Mother's Day Post! ( ゚▽゚)/ Mini Haul!


I have been doing some damage to my wallet (;・ェ・).. but it is because there was a great deal!! How can I resist?

On another note, my little plant is FINALLY growing!!

Sorry for the sideways image 。・゚゚(ノД`)あ゙〜ん for some reason my phone uploaded it sideways!! (this is what I get for using various camera apps! gahhh!!)

Back to shopping!
So I found out that there was an online sample sale for Kate Spade!

For those of you who don't know what a sample sale is, it's usually a sale a brand would hold for... samples. Usually this would be for not-yet-released items that they want to test out, and they do so by seeing how many people would purchase the item, at reduced cost of course.

I normally don't spend money on Kate Spade items as they are a bit pricey (for my wallet at least, but it generally is rather reasonable compared to other brands), and I can never seem to find anything that is perfect; I've been trying to find classic items that will never trend out!

..But this time it was a different story.

When I found out about the sample sale, the prices were marked down very low!! Something from $300 to $150? SUCH A DEAL HOW CAN I PASS UP?! And what pushed me to spend my money was the fact that Mother's Day was around the corner, and I know my mom had been looking for the perfect light medium bag.




..It took me 5 hours to decide on the items to get. There is something seriously wrong with me ・゜・(つД`)・゜・

What made it worse was that because I ordered it 5 hours after the start of the sale, many people have already placed their orders... which means my order will be delayed. My friend got her package two days earlier than me!! TORTUREEEEEE!!! (p>□<q*)) 

Then the package arrived. I was SOOOO excited!! I really couldn't wait seeing my mom open her gift (although it arrived after Mother's day)..

From left to right: Gold Coast Shimmer Medium Serena, Cobble Hill Ellen Crossbody, and Liberty Street Lacey Wallet

Here are some close-ups
Isn't this nice? The wallet comes in such a cute and nifty box!! (*≧▽≦)
This wallet is so perfect since it fits all the cards I have, cash, AND even has a center pocket for all the little things I collect (purikura photos, movie tickets, etc.). All leather too~ O(≧∇≦)O

Then it was the moment of truth. I grabbed my package and shoved her purse in an H&M bag. My mom just got out of the shower and I had to scream for her to not look. She sounded confused but she listened and went to her room instead. Then I gave her the bag and, with the face of confusion, pulled out the well-packaged purse and started unraveling! ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ
Isn't it gorgeous?! The lighting is bad here, but I promise you, this is a lovely light milky beige color! And of course, leather, so that it would be durable and soft.

For myself, I find that I need a simple on-the-go bag! This caught my eye and it is PERFECT!

It is the perfect bag to have just to carry essentials, and it has a really bright tangerine ( びゃははは (≧ω≦)b ) color!! Super cute and perfect splash of color!
Also splurged in Hollywood area. I turned in my A.P.C.'s for a new pair so that I can get a better fit! Wearing them in the picture. I can't wait to get in the fades!! v( ̄∇ ̄)ニヤッ
I know you are all jelly of me! Got new sunnies from Obiwon!! I have been wanting these for some time, and I am surprised he remembered!! Thank you boyfriend!  ( ̄ε ̄@)CHU−
Excuse my veiny hands. Being skinny can be a problem sometimes gahhh! ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

Another new-found love! I also ordered some LIP STAIN from TONY MOLY! Not sure if I would end up liking it, so I ordered samples first.


So nice! The seller I purchased from also gave some beauty samples as well as a thank-you note!


 The product itself.

It actually is a very deep red with pinkish tones (noticed when I swirled it around). One order will give you two of these mini bottles, total equivalent to half a bottle of nail polish.





Not enough product right? WRONG. I believe I paid about $3 (so cheap!) for two mini bottles.. and the first one is still lasting me!! All I do is put 5 dots evenly on my lower lips, smack my lips together a few times, and it will last me half a day (depending on what you do/eat during the day, it could last longer). I ordered cherry color for naturally flushed lips. If you want something a bit more dramatic, I suggest apple (it looks like you ate a red popsicle). HIGHLY recommend this to those who don't like sticky lip gloss and fading lipsticks! Definitely one of my better purchases. I will re-buy a full-size when I finish! ィェィ♪(v〃∇〃)ハ(〃∇〃v)ィェィ♪

 Random posting of my outfit I wore when out with Obiwon!
Uniqlo wool sweater, Theory button-up, Zara zips, Sperry penny loafers, Kate Spade cross-body bag

 I have been wearing those penny loafers almost every day. Super comfortable AND timeless!! I have been digging the autumn colors lately (strange since it is summer!).. I will try to move to brighter colors!

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