Friday, September 14, 2012

China and Korea Haul!

Hi hi everyone! I apologize for the belated update as I have been exhausted busy. It is somewhere between 90 and 100 degrees.. IN SEPTEMBER. SO HOT. HOW CAN I DO AN OUTFIT POST?
Really, I can't, so let me firstly put a post of some foods I have had before I show you the shopping I did.
Vanilla Malt and Blueberry ice cream from Scoops
The PERFECT summer confectionery. Went with the boyfriend to this tiny room they call an ice cream shop, and placed an order for one scoop (which is actually TWO very generous scoops (which was why we shared) for about $3. Their weekly menu changes so you get a different variety every time. Did I mention they make their own ice cream? If you are on your way to the Melrose strip (you shopaholics know what I am talking about), this is definitely a great snack to stroll around with as you are shopping!

Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar from Milk
This is TRULY for those with a sugar tooth (or teeth)!! Milk has a variety of foods, ranging from ice cream to cake, cake to cookies, cookies to chocolate, chocolate to smoothies, smoothies to sandwiches (how did I get this pattern? hahaha). Some friends and I went to have dinner, but I already ate, and so I had an Arnold Palmer and the ice cream bar. It tasted exactly like what you would think: DELICIOUS.

Homemade fruit bar!
I saw this gorgeous fruit bar post on Tumblr and HAD to make it. However, mine did not turn out as pretty..

..but it tasted delicious. Peaches, honeydew, plums (2 kinds), and honey-water base.

Pastrami Sandwich from The Faculty
This quirky gastropub is definitely one of those places you go to grab a quick bite and beer and head out. Conveniently located directly across from Scoops, I ate here before I got my dessert. Small place with an oldschool feel, super cozy for a quick meet-up with a few friends. The food? Simple and delicious. I couldn't even finish my second half of my sandwich; my boyfriend killed it.

Okay, now for the mini-haul!

Acnes Facial Scrub and Whitening Wash
Both of these items are new (they were released this year) and were ordered online since I could not find a store near me that sells Acnes products. Funny name, but it does get rid of the pimples! The original cleanser I used did such a great job that I invested in these two since I ran out. Doesn't dry out the skin like most cleansers do, and feels super clean. So far so good.

As some may have known, I had a family vacation to a handful of locations in China. Won't be uploading a lot of pictures in this post, but do look forward to them!

The view from a well-known dumpling house in Shanghai (I apologize, it has a chinese title):

Continuation of my purchases.. 

Oxford shirt, burgundy and navy button-ups, Lime tee, and Heat-Tech long-sleeve from Uniqlo
Let me say this: THERE IS NO UNIQLO IN THE WEST SIDE. The closest Uniqlo is in New York, which is on the complete diagonal-opposite end of the U.S. for me.

When I got to China, I saw two stores I needed to go into: Metersbonwe and Uniqlo. Metersbonwe (pronounced in pingyin, "mei-de-shi-ban-wei") is China's version of H&M/Forever21. The last time I was there, the fits were surprisingly perfect; I tend to have problems do to my arms being long. This time I saw nothing of interest. Japanese brand Uniqlo (pronounced "yunikuro" in Japanese), however, did not disappoint. I have started leaning towards a preppy MODE style (a more mature/darker gyaru style) and Uniqlo carried the basics I needed! Pricing for both is similar to H&M and Zara.

*Note* I purchased a Heat Tech l/s since Mio got me one the first time she went to NY. What is Heat Tech? It is a name given to a selection of Uniqlo's basics to keep warmth in, but with "heat-technology" fabric. The great thing? It is THIN. If you are a person who does not like wearing a ton of layers during the cold seasons, this is definitely a great investment.

Cesario XVI by Creative Recreation

This brand was first discovered by my boyfriend and I when we first started dating. We ended up finding these shoes (in canvas) two years ago and loved that the look was very clean and simple. In the end, we both got a pair: black high-tops for myself, and navy low-tops for him. Two years later, I have beaten up my shoes so good, so I had to get a replacement. I decided to get the exact style, but in leather! The shoes are extremely light and easy to walk in; you don't need to break them in at all. I haven't worn these out yet since it has been hot enough to cook an egg, but I am super excited to slip these on!!

Arsainte Eco-Therapy tonic and daily moisturizer, The Smim moisturizing gel, and Lovely Me BeBe lip mask and lip essence from The Face Shop

On my family's way to China, we had a transfer flight in Korea. I basically had 4 hours in the airport, and nothing to do. The obvious thing I ended up doing was walk around.. and in the end I found The Face Shop. I ended up at a boutique carrying a variety of Korean makeup and facial products, which included brands like Etude House, Tony Moly, Missha, and a variety of others. A bilingual (Korean/Mandarin) salesperson came up to me and doused some gel on my hand and told me to massage it into my skin. Well since it's already on my hand..

..I was sold. The Smim moisturizing gel felt amazing. It left a natural glow on my face, buoyancy and moisture in my skin, a wonderfully light aroma, and it apparently has some whitening effects! To top it off, it was SUPER affordable!

Asking the nice lady for other products, she suggested the Arsainte Eco-Therapy tonic and daily moisturizer she uses. Trust me, her skin was amazing (then again, most Koreans have fantastic skin). What I loved about these two (also sampled on myself) was that they contained at least 80% natural ingredients. EVEN THE BOX WAS MADE OF RECYCLED PAPER. I have been very cautious with my skin lately, feeling that natural products would be safest to use in the long run. When I saw this and tried it, I had to get it.

As the order was being processed, the corner of my eyes caught this super cute packaging for the lip mask and lip essence (balm). I can't seem to find any comments on the mask or lip essence, so I will have to do a review for these as soon as I finish with my balms (I have a problem x_x).

And finally, my last meal in Korea before I went back home. Strangely, it is hotter here than it was in China and Korea!

Stay tuned for updates!

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