Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The HAPPIEST Place on EARTH! Pictures + Review!

Hello everyone! Sorry for not having posted in a while.. the weather really is too hot (90 to 100 °F!) to really go out and do anything!

But I did get to go to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH with my love!


DISNEYLAND!!  \(^▽^*)いらっしゃ~いっ(*^▽^)/

Fortunately enough, we went on the day spaceship Endeavor was supposed to fly! Endeavor would fly over big landmarks throughout the area, and one of the spots was at Disneyland! Super lucky!


But it was SO hot. We waited outside the entrance with the huge crowd, and decided that we would wait 10 more minutes before just going in (seriously, it was SOOO hot). Plus, after the spaceship, the whole crowd will be pushing and shoving to get into the theme park.

Then 5 minutes later..


We took several pics with our SII (the quality is so nice!) and quickly went into the park. We were too busy enjoying ourselves that we forgot to take more pictures, but here are a few!

Star Tours
 I finally got to ride the new Star Tours! The old Star Tours was taken out and replaced with Star Wars (YESSSSS) theme, and this time, there are multiple storylines and locations! This means every time you go, you are probably going to get a different story!

Haunted Mansion



WE ARE SO FORTUNATE! When my love and I arrived at Disneyland, I believe they had just started the Halloween decorations, and added on all the special decor and themes on select rides! So we were able to experience "The Nightmare Before Christmas" Halloween theme for Haunted Mansion! It was actually less scary (more cute), so don't be scared if you go!


For dinner, we decided to leave the park to get food, since the restaurants are packed inside, and come back for fireworks! 

We ended up going to a delicious Korean hotpot house! It was so delicious!!

After we ate, we drove quickly back to watch the fireworks, and ended our day with a purchase of a polo (with Mickey embrodered!) for his dad.


Now for random picture posts!!

Curly Fries @ L.A. County Fair
 I saw these fries when I went into the fair, and I just HAD to have some... and oh my gawd, they were frickin' HUGE! The curly fries were packed into the deep fryer mesh net (which is like the size of a giant brick) and deep fried. IT CAME OUT LIKE A BRICK! Good thing it was shared among 4 people!


Asian Chicken Salad from Coco's
The dressing for this salad is actually very popular at the restaurant. Much so that they sell the dressing alone for those who want the flavor in their home cooking!

Nhung, Elie, and Norman Reedus O(≧∇≦)O
 Was hanging out with my friends and freaking out when I found out my photographer friend John got me a signed photo of Norman Reedus (from "Walking Dead" and "The Boondock Saints"). You may recognize him also in Lady Gaga's MV.

By the way, Nhung is a wonderful artist (blog and Tumblr) and Elie is a fantastic cosplayer (her Facebook page here!)

@ Machiato Tea House
 The server was kind enough to give Deb an upgrade since she is such a regular there. That's why she's all smiley!


Now for my random senseless fashion pictures! Bare with me!


I got the new app Deco Pic and loved the purikura stickers and decorations on it! Also comes with Facebook and Twitter update, so you can simultaneously update both accounts!

Rayban Original Classic sunglasses, Uniqlo tee, H&M shorts, Betsey Johnson socks, Style&Co. oxford heels
Zara dress, Creative Recreation sneakers
I have been wearing a more mature style (a.k.a. onee-gyaru and mode)! Loving it lots now!




I tried to take a picture of the whole outfit, but the shoes keep getting chopped off! So I guess I will just continue looking really awkwardly skinny and bent over =_=;


 Aside from the hot weather and lazy outfits, I have finally found my dream lip product: lip tints! I always loved lip glosses for the color, but could never handle the stickiness (especially when my hair moves and sticks on it; so annoying!). Lipsticks were never an option since they smear..

My first lip tint was Tony Moly Cherry Tint. As much as I loved it, I wanted something that would be more natural on my lips.. something that would just give it a little more color.

Finally got it and tried it today:

Tony Moly Water Jelly Tint - Strawberry
 There are two colors available: Strawberry and Pomegranate. Though after careful research both seemed promising, I wanted something that was subtle but stand-out-ish, and so I opted for strawberry!

It looks natural! All it did was add a little hint of reddish pink! LOVE IT! Please excuse the weird lips, I think my camera angle was just bad.

What else is good? IT SMELLS GREAT! Smells like sweet strawberry fruit candy.. and it even tastes a bit sweet too! Staying power is medium, I think it really depends on what you are eating in the day. Regardless, I showered and the tint is still on. VERY HAPPY!
Hope everyone in the world is doing well with the strange weather lately. It still feels like summer here even though it is usually cold by now! Stay healthy and comfy! Ciao~

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