Monday, February 11, 2013

February OOTD's and Hauls

I know you are all expecting it..

Happy Lunar New Year!!  ≡ヾ(*゚▽゚)ノ

Unfortunately, no photos were taken during the festivities as time was spent with the family! Cleaning, cooking, eating, and all that jazz! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


Now, let's start off with random pictures of food. Nothing crazy this time guys, sorry!

Salted caramel and lavender ice cream from Bi-Rite
This was amazing. I finished this in 5 minutes. Salted Caramel is a close second to my favorite Mocha Almond Fudge flavor, and lavender was so...refreshing? I am not too fond of eating something that smells like an ingredient of potpourri, but this was amazingly fantastic. I should have bought a pint. Sigh.

Home-cut fruit
 At home, this is what I had after dinner every night. If anyone ever asks how I don't gain weight, I seriously think it just might be the fact that I eat 6 different fruits after each dinner at home.

Grandmother's Foo Jook Tang
This is the one soup that cannot compare. No matter who makes this soup, my grandmother makes it the best. Call it bias, but... no, she makes the best. I have this every Lunar New Year (as well as other select Chinese holidays) and usually drink 3-5 bowls of it. In one sitting. And I am not talking about rice bowls. And yes, I have my rice and side dishes along with it.


You know, I think the world is evil. When I am trying to practice self-control, that is when all the sales pop up. Fortunately enough, I DO have some form of self-control. So here what I exchanged my wallet for -cough-:

 1. Faux Suede Wedges

A lot of people tend to look at me weird when I get excited over something so...simple. Most ladies out there would expect something epic crazy like a pair of spiked Litas from Jeffrey Campbell, or something more high-end. However, I am stuck with a dilemma that no girl should really suffer through: I walk like my legs are made of JELLO! Of course, this is more of a first-world-problem type thing, but it's really embarrassing! Really! When I think up cute outfits and try to throw on a pair of heels, I sense people worry for me as I walk.

So I realized wedges are my solution. My first pair of nice wedges happened to be Jeffrey Campbell's Mariel in black suede:

Image courtesy of... Google Images
These babies need more loving. So HOT! -(*Q*)-

Ever since then, I have been on a rampage with wedges. ヾ(^∇^) Here I am, stopped to take a picture as I was previously trotting happily around the room without falling:


2. Leather Doctor's Bag

I used to have this beautiful grey faux leather doctor's bag my brother gave me as a birthday gift. However, because it was not leather, the strap fell apart on me, and it was not salvageable. Because many bags are designed according to trends of the year, it was difficult to find that perfectly sized bag in leather form.

And then I saw this.

I purchased it on a whim, not really putting any thought to it as I had never been able to find a decent doctor's bag. So now I am just waiting for the postman to give me my bag.

Only two major items so far! The following were received as a gifts!

3. Lancome Absolu Voyage - Rose Edition

Now I am in the position in which I need to try colors outside the spectrum of neutrals. I have always feared colors as I felt that they make me look... strange. Neutrals have always gone with everything! I received this as a lovely gift though, so now I can experiment with more colors.

Come to think of it, this is a REALLY nice palette as it comes with everything you need:
  1. Lip contour pencil in Rose
  2. Black khol pencil
  3. Powder blusher in Rose Sable 02
  4. Compact powder in Translucide 01
  5. Concealer correcteur in Beige Clair 02
  6. Powder eyeshadows in White Duo G01, Dark Purple Quad A10, and Mono A10
  7. Powder eyeshadows in Mauve Quad No. 4 and Gris Acier
  8. Powder eyeshadow in 501
  9. Solid lip color in Rouge à Lèvres - 306
  10. Solid lip color in Rouge à Lèvres - 312
  11. Solid lip color in Rouge à Lèvres - 354
  12. Mini Virtuôse Mascara in Black

 The colors are really lovely. I just need to find time to work up the colors!

4. Utility Card

A small gift from my brother..


I may not look it, but I love utilitarian goods (clothing as well as tools). I found this PocketMonkey on Kickstarter, a site that helps new artists/businesses by allowing them to promote their products and raise funding for their ideas (check it out here!). This thing is the size of a credit card, so it can fit into any wallet! Also, it is TSA approved, so you don't have to worry when you're flying somewhere!


Some outfit snaps from the previous two weeks:

1. Soft Casual

I was totally in a smooth/flowy feeling, so I wanted to do a casual outfit that was still a bit.. stylish? Flowy top with jeans and desert boots. Did a side-fishtail braid to soften it up a bit..

..then I tossed on a wool coat and I looked more refined. Amazing how an outerwear can do this?

 2. Bright and Clean

Super prep look! Reminds me of Madewell. It has been chilly and gloomy, so a Spring blue oxford top with a pair of skinny-straight (my A.P.C.'s) jeans brighten up the day for me. Hair let down so I don't look so stern (lol!). Paired with grey-white striped angora socks and oxblood penny loafers...

..and then I tossed on my thrifted tweed jacket. So I look like a Professor Hipster or something.

3. Casual City

I really just wanted something comfortable to go into the city with, but the cold weather always got me bundled up in layers and layers. This outfit's main elements would be the vintage wool open-cardigan and vintage leather belt; it keeps me warm and prevents the wind from going in! Soft flowing shirt inside for comfort, with a Heat-Tech (Uniqlo) tank for additional warmth, and a pair of black skinnies. Hair left tousled for a comfortable feel.

Along with outfits, I thought it would be interesting to display my mild fondness for leather and wooden goods:

I have a rack of leather belts, wooden hangers (more to come), and a leather bag. The tables, shelves, dressers, and floor are of all kinds of wood. Overwhelming? NOPE. I NEED MORE.

More to come! Ciao for now. (゚▽゚*)♪

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