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Liz Lisa Fukubukuro Unboxing and Chinatown

For those of you who don't like long posts, this is not for you.

But to persuade you to keep reading, I have two glorious words for you:


It's not a bribe. Really. I'm just trying to force my readers to.. read. ( ̄ー ̄)  I HAVE NO SHAME.

I'll start off with slapping down a picture of my face. FOTD:
I have been trying to do a more natural/clean face for makeup. Haven't used falsies in quite some time! On me:

  1. Mascara - Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl (top lashes). This is wonderfully waterproof, holds curls, and builds really nice! This is my go-to mascara now.
  2. Mascara - Maybelline Colossal - Waterproof (lower lashes). This WOULD be my go-to mascara if it could hold curls, but it can't (unless you have nautrally curled lashes). Builds nicely and thickens the lashes well!
  3. Eyeliner Pencil - Milani Eyeliner Pencil in Dark Brown (for shadowing). For a drugstore brand eyeliner, this is amazing. Super creamy and smooth so it's great for smoky eyes. Great pigmentation. I only wish this was waterproof.
  4. Gel Eyeliner - Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner in Pearl Black. Lovely alternative to the typical black eyeliner as this has a bit of sparkle! Small specks of glitter is in this, subtle enough to wear out casually.
  5. Eyeliner Pencil - Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils in Black. The Milani eyeliner I mentioned previously is comparable to this Urban Decay one. Urban Decay has the 1-up though, since it is waterproof.
Look of the Week

I feel that I have been programmed at birth to feel most comfortable in minimalist styles, specifically towards the preppy side. I have always been fond of a nice pair of slacks and a well-fitted button-up, and so this is almost a no-brainer outfit I can pick out without really thinking.

Recent Joys
Not sure if everyone has had this, but it's pig ear! Sounds gross, but it's a really nice appetizer (try it if you ever go to a Taiwanese restaurant!). It's very simple (mild flavors, so not overwhelming), light, and delicious!

Okay, there's a story with this one. I have found the most perfect eyelash curler, gifted to me by a great friend of mine. Unfortunately, I ran out of the refills for it, and they no longer sell the curler in the states (Shu Uemura, come back!), and so I had to order Shiseido refills instead. Why? Turns out they fit perfectly into the Shu Uemura curlers!! Thank you Shiseido!

By the way, I HIGHLY recommend Shu Uemura eyelash curler for Asians with a not-so-deep eyelid fold. If you have a deeper fold, I suggest Shiseido's (I own both!).

My hair has been a mess since I have moved up. The dry winds are killing my tresses! I just started using TRESSeme's Renewing Deep Conditioning Treatment (once a week) and it is doing wonders for me (also, I am using The Face Shop's Jewel Therapy Deep Moist along with it). The hairspray was not a planned purchase, however, TRESemme's hairspray is so good (probably my favorite of the brands I have tried), and now it comes in a non-aerosol (non-pressurized, better for environment) container! The hold is amazing, and they have various levels for different hairstyles!

Chinatown's Chinese New Year Fair/Parade

My plan for yesterday was to go to Japantown to grab my Liz Lisa fukubukuro pre-order that had just arrived. Conveniently enough, the famous Chinese New Year parade was occuring the very same day! So my friends and I decided that we go and see what all the fuss is about.

None of us has ever attended this popular parade (running 2hours long holy cow!), and so this would be something we can enjoy for the first time together! Plus, there were street vendors selling/giving out goodies.

...and then I started regretting going into the war zone.

I had to zoom in for this photo. If I had actually walked in, I don't know if a photo of a bunch of people's heads would be appealing.

Are you enjoying the photo of people's heads? Somehow, I persuaded myself to walk into this crowd. (ノД`)・゜・。

Due to the large crowd of people, many children decided to purchase these little poppers and toss them around randomly. Apparently there are NEW ones that make a huge BANG! ..those almost gave me a heart attack.

Because the parade occured during sundown, my photos are all quite mediocre, and so I am posting a few of the pretty ones I was able to capture... decently.

I think we must have seen 5 or 6 dragons before we left, and the parade was not even over yet!

Prior to the Chinatown fun...


We grabbed ramen at Tanpopo in Japantown! I'm not exactly sure if I am just super bias or what, but the ramen was okay to me. I have had ramen in SoCal where I would have to wait an hour to get a seat... only because the ramen is THAT good! I am still on the hunt for a good ramen place up here! I believe there exists at least one really good ramen house! (ノ>▽<。)ノ)) イヤァァァァ


I wanted to mix casual with some more dressy pieces. I thought that sheer black tights would look better for the outfit, but the weather was not looking kindly towards night time, so I opted for a knit stocking. Decided that I want the main dressy piece to be a pair of charcoal grey high-waist shorts. to add some contrast, I went with a pair of knit heat-tech socks (Uniqlo). Evened out the contrast with a denim button-up, and pulled everything together with a wool coat.

Now that I look at it, I wish I wore different shoes. First-world problems. 

Liz Lisa Fukubukuro

Cappuccino and Soy Milk with Coffee Jelly from New People
You probably scrolled all the way down to this post. I don't blame you.

I had the biggest debate on which Lucky Packs to get when the pre-order opened. There were so many to choose from! 9 Sets to be exact! Here they are with descriptions:

Royal Rose Big Tote Set
"Includes a coat, an exclusive rose print pouch, and items to create 2 separate coordinating outfits. An extra new year's gift is also included in a cute LIZ LISA drawstring bag. Contents worth approximately $600."

Sweet Ribbon Tote Set
"Includes a coat, an exclusive fuzzy ribbon pouch, and items to create 2 separate coordinating outfits. An extra new year's gift is also included in a cute LIZ LISA drawstring bag. Contents worth approximately $600."

Parade Tote Set
"Tote typically contains 5 pieces, including a coat, knit cardigan, dress, top, and inner wear. Contents worth approximately $400."

Rock'n Doll Big Bag Set
"Rockn' doll Bag contains a coat, outerwear, top, and bottom. Also included is an extra new year's gift.  Contents worth approximately $400. Bag color may vary."

Royal Rose Boston Bag Set
"Comes with adorable rose print boston bag and an additional 3 items that can be mixed & matched or used together to create a full-coordinate. Contents worth approximately $250."

Sweet Ribbon Boston Bag Set
"Boston bag has a detachable shoulder strap. Also contains an additional 3 items that can be mixed & matched or used together to create a full-coordinate. Contents worth approximately $250."

Dolly Set Tote Bag (one-piece style)
"Tote includes a dress and 2 coordinating separates (typically a cardigan and blouse) that can be mixed & matched or used together to create a full-coordinate. Contents worth approximately $200."

Dolly Set Tote Bag (tops & bottom style)
"Tote includes 3 coordinating separates (typically a skirt, cardigan, and blouse) that can be mixed & matched or used together to create a full-coordinate. Contents worth approximately $200."

Rock'n Doll Union Jack Tote Set
"Includes outerwear, top, and matching bottom that can be mixed & matched or used together to create a full-coordinate. Contents worth approimately $200. ​Bag color may vary.​"

Which one should I get?! I stared for a while before I was able to decide. I wanted to embrace the more feminine looks, but I was intimidated by the soft florals and pinks that laced...almost everything. And so I decided to pick the LPs that carried a feminine flare, but did not overwhelm me with florals.

Fukubukuro #1 - Tralala Dolly Set Tote Bag (Tops & Bottom Style)

First, let me start off with this: CUTE BAG! I am not a big fan of pink, but I LOVE dusty and pastel pinks! This is definitely something in-between! I also like my things simple, and so the simple cursive "Tralala" with a lace bow on top is perfect! The size is good for general outings, and possibly appropriate for school. Super big plus: DOUBLE zippers. It is so convenient.

Actually I was super suprised it even HAD a zipper. I was definitely caught off-guard.

I loved that the items were individually wrapped and packaged neatly into the bag. I was surprised the items actually fit in there so well. And when I took them out:

Super neat! And super cute! Some items even had a tissue insert so that the folding wouldn't crease or damage them. I don't think it is necessary, but that is quality packaging. So happy everything looked cute before I even took them out! ∩(´∀`)∩ワァイ♪

Item 1: Black Polka-dotted Skirt

I was delightfully surprised at this! It looked really short to me, but when I tried it on, it was the perfect length! I am usually a bit hesitant when it came to Asian clothing as my limbs tend to not work to my favor in the styles, but this actually fit quite nicely!

Item 2: Creme Knit Sweater
Cute! The high-low tops/dresses are super trending right now, and I love the Tralala interpretation of it. It has these lovely subtle scallops on the neckline that make a huge different on the look. The length is perfect; I can totally see a dress or long blouse worn under this. The layering possibilities are endless.

Item 3: White Button Blouse with Bow
One of my favorites! Soft silk-like fabric, nice and flowy, not too long and not too short. Super perk, the bow is detachable! That means I can put any bow I want (or none at all)! It's simple and feminine. Super happy with this one! O(≧∇≦)O

Fukubukuro #2 - Tralala Parade Tote Set

Super LOVE this bag! It is definitely a good size as an overnight bag or if you're doing some grocery shopping (that is... if you want to shove meat and produce in there). Double zippers again, so I'm super happy. This bag design is definitely closer to my personal preference.

Just as the previous bag, each item was folded neatly and packaged individually into the bag. I AM STILL WONDERING HOW A COAT WAS ABLE TO FIT IN THERE.

Item 1: Studded Black Tank
This is so easy to wear. It's a black tank! The cute thing about it is that it has these crystal-shaped studs on the edges (like platinum diamonds? lol!), so if layered with lower-cut tops, there will be a pop of bling! So soft too mmmm...

Item 2: Navy Polka-dotted Bow Dress with Velvet Collar
I was pleasantly surprised at this! Not something I would immediately grab, but the navy color and the contrasting fabric (velvet collar and knit dress) is appealing! The puff sleeves and the slight flare at the hem of the dress with gathered tulle gave a typical knit dress a bit more of style(?). At first glance it came off too girly for me, but when I tried it on, and now I love it!

Item 3: White/Creme Babydoll Blouse
The cute tops never end. This is one of those tops I would stare at and not want to touch because it looks so... pretty. I tried it on and, sad to say, it did not look right. -(TnT)- My long torso made this gorgeous blouse look so awkward on me! Love the puff sleeves and the dress-like look. Layered with shorts or fitted pants and it will look so wonderful..

..if only it fit me.

Item 4: Creme Knit Cardigan
This is the best-fitting cardigan I have ever tried on. One of those slight-oversized cardigans you can layer underneath or wear a coat over. The shape hang in the loveliest way. So pretty I don't think I have any real words for this.

Item 5: Brown Fur-Collared Coat
 Probably one of the nicest items of the LPs I have seen. Super soft and plush, this coat is really nice! The collar is faux fur, but it is soft as...real fur? Almost? It's really pretty! The perk?

The collar is removable. Once removed, it can be worn as a regular peacoat. WHAT?!

Super love my fukubukuro items! However, some items are not fitting me well (due to my height), and so I may exchange/sell some items! I am a bit disgruntled by this, but this was my first fukubukuro purchase, so I am quite pleased with the outcome!

The Blues

Blue has never really existed in my closet (with the exception of denim), and so I have been trying to gather pieces to incorporate in my wardrobe.

And then I decided to challenge myself with ITEM OF THE WEEK!

This week's item: black pleated maxi skirt. In effort to try more styles aside from the semi-masculine preppy looks, I choose an item to incorporate in my outfits.



In the end, I am most comfortable in jeans.

See you all next time! Anyone else got a fukubukuro?

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