Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day to Night




I have been going for a more natural nude look for makeup as I tend to rub my eyes during allergy season. Along with simplifying my makeup, I have been loving how easy it is to go from feminine to semi-masculine with a pair of jeans. Elongated top plus a nice pair of fitted jeans can never look bad. Opting for a more clean-cut semi-masculine look, a wool sweater over a collared blouse paired with flats is a simple go-to..

..and then a side rarely ever seen: feminine. My friend of 12 years finally got married and I was given the position of bridesmaid along with a few other close friends whom have known her for a similar amount of time. Color theme was soft peach and pastel lime green, refreshing for the Spring.

I loved the idea of a playsuit; your top will NEVER ride up. And so my first playsuit was set up with a pair of high-waisted shorts to give me more shape as I carry a boyish figure. Topped my toes with my current favorite gold-tipped loafers.

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