Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fashion Evolution Item

Hello all! How are you today? O(≧∇≦)O

So this post today is regarding my train of thought as I pick a coordinate when I want to go out. You would be surprised at the whole process I go through to figure out what to wear when I want to dress up..

..or just go out in general. (=_=i)

It always starts with something daring. Usually that means me in a dress or skirt. LOL.

Here I am. In all honesty, I don't think I look that bad in this outfit. I am just not used to wearing skirts and dresses regularly. If I cover my face, it seems like a decent coordinate, but when I see my face, I think, "O M G  it does not look like I am comfortable in this at all!" Not sure if it's because it is true, or I have some kind of paranoia that people will think I look awkward.


Here is a better full-body image:

After snapping these photos, I reverted to my comfortable look, with one "bold" addition:

T-shirt with black zip skinnies.. and a pair of wedges. Yes... my wedges are the bold items here.

(シ_ _)シ ハハァーー
I can hear the boo-ing now.

Somehow I went into this look. As a advocate of mode fashion, I had an obligation to up this look; this will simply not do!

And so I toyed with the idea of a simple accessory that would evolve a look.

Tossed on a headband first, then I put down my hair.. and it gave me an idea.

New accessory: silk neckscarf

Simple Headband

Bohemian Headscarf/Headband
Quite some time ago, the bohemian headbands were quite trending! Very 60's style.

My favorite one, which was actually my first creation..

Giant Bow
I love bows. I think it is a healthy obsession. A neatly done bow with the right proportions can catch anyone's attention (IMO), so this was a go-to for me. Also, this was a big trend a few years back, and is still a fantastic piece of accessory! 

And now I am comfortable with my look..

..then I realized what I can do with this idea..

Japanese School Style Neckbow

I love versatile items!

 I apologize for the minimal makeup as I have been trying to practice natural gyaru make. Still trying to find the perfect combo!

Will do more posts next time. Mucho love~

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