Saturday, July 27, 2013

6%DOKIDOKI with Yuka - JPOP Summit

I almost exploded. I was so embarrassed. I'll explain the title later. X___X

Instead, here is a photo of a cosplay I am working on! (with some minor additions)

and the cosplay is of...


No, I do not mean the drink, but the beautiful character artwork of Sakizou!

Love the design of the character! The cosplay itself is not that difficult, however, there are so many small parts to take into consideration, it takes time to put together. I cannot wait for the outcome!!

So as everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) knows, the minions from Despicable Me have been crazed over everywhere! They are like cute little potatoes! I know everyone has been collecting them at McDonald's, and being a minion fan myself, I got myself a small Happy Meal to get one.

I press his belly and he laughs. In many ways, I am sure it is almost pointless to collect them...but I had to have just one!

And now I realize, my usual entries are of food. -sigh-
I seem to eat more than anything else nowadays! So here is a compilation of noms I have been having!


Had this awesome eggs benedict with my awesome friends:

(one of my friends went to the restroom so I drew him in haha)



This huge bowl of noodle (it seriously was a large portion) was treated to myself after a long and steep hike for about 2.5 hours (about 3 miles up and another 3 miles down). I was so exhausted, hungry, thirsty, and sunburnt, I am amazed I survived it.

Awesome view:

How sunburnt was I?

I am generally PRETTY pale (LOOK AT THAT BURN?!), but this long hike under the sun (I EVEN WORE A HAT!) hit me hard! I made sure to put on sunblock, but it must have sweated off or something.

And this is my almighty savior. Not xpensive, smells light and refreshing, and less gooey/sticky compared to the real aloe. Highly recommend this if you want to go out and not have wet patches of aloe on your skin. This also doubles as a fantastic moisturizer in the summer since it's not oily.

I did not do much shopping, but I happened to stop by Daiso today and found a few handy things. Super surprised at the things I can find here!
 I got a converter for my DS Lite (I had it refurbished from Japan!), sewing machine needles, and pins.

W T F . They sell SEWING MACHINE needles?! I was really shocked as I have NEVER seen this sold in Daiso before! I saw sewing kits, needles, and the simple hand-sewing stuff, but never machine needles! Hope they work well!

An unexpected purchase I made that left me quite happy: SHOES!

I am not one to wear really high heels, so I have to find someone that will give me a good amount of height increase without making me eat concrete. I found the perfect pair packaged wonderfully!

It comes with dust sleeves for each shoe!

Each shoe has a dust sleeve AND A DUST BAG?! How awesome?!
 My mind was so blown. As usual, these shoes were shipped from China, so shipping took quite some time (I actually forgot about them until they arrived). Quality is really good (you pay for what you get) for faux, so I am quite happy with this! I can see myself wearing this a lot!

Okay, so let me explain the title of this entry.

A few friends and I started the day with the Treasure Island Flea Market. I have gone once before, and though I planned on going to the Garlic Festival today, I went to the flea market instead. Lots of food trucks since it is summer, and a lot of goodies.

My apologies, but I took few photos this time around as I was enjoying the food and company.

Speaking of food, here is what two of us got (other two arrived later):

Pork shoulder with quinoa and a side salad, garlic noodles and lemongrass skewered beef
 We walked around a bit, and took a few scenic pictures. The location gives us a wonderful view of the water surrounding SF, and the sky was clearing up:

This weekend was full of excitement. There was the Garlic Festival going on, Treasure Island Flea Market, and JPOP Summit. Because the JPOP Summit was so close to us, we decided to go on the whim.

So much was going on for it. Kyary is supposed to perform, several Harajuku models from 6%DOKIDOKI were supposed to be there (along with art director!), other kawaii models (oh my gosh AYUMI SETO!) from variety of magazines, and all the good stuff I cannot spit out because of what I am about to tell you...

Grabbed some MORE food!

Nutella crepe with mixed fruits
When we got there though, right in front of me, I saw..


I didn't even know how to react. My face turned red (not sure if it's from my sunburn or out of excitement to be honest) since she was walking STRAIGHT TO ME (okay it felt that way at least). I had to ask for a photo but I looked sooooo horrendous.

My friends were in shock as I usually keep my cool around "celebrity" type people. It is really hard to keep calm near models/designers I secretly follow though. Yes, my friends laughed at how ridiculous I was acting. Good thing I did not see the other models or I would have exploded.

Did I mention I missed Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's FREE concert? Ughhhhhh

And so that was my day today. Mind is still so blown from what happened.

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