Monday, July 8, 2013

Fourth of July 2013

Hello everyone!

Not sure if I am getting a glitch, but all of the blogs I have been following just disappeared from my sidebar! Hope this is just a minor bug that will get fixed soon..

Anywho, I have quite an update as I have been trying to be more active in attending events! But let me first show you the best kale salad I had EVER had.

I actually had this wonderful kale salad from a small cafe/diner-esque joint in San Francisco called Citizens Band Restaurant. If you look up the photos of the exterior of the place, it really does not pop out much. But looks are deceiving! Their small lunch menu packs a punch and I would definitely go again!

A few things I received this past month.

This gorgeous ceramic dish is from Holland, given to me by a close friend who went on a (in the most literal sense) Euro-trip. She knows me so well! I love dainty things and wooden goods, and so this dish was the perfect size to hold my small hair things that need... containing.

I went to AX (Anime Expo, not Armani Exchange har har) this past weekend, and my twinsy met up with me to give me a box of mixed goodies as a belated birthday gift! It included a perfume sample (with postcard), two Zoya orange nail polishes (finally!), three different My Dear Diary face masks, a baggy of cute pins, a gag bellybutton cleaner, and mint travel toothpaste. So random, but I will use them indeed! ...except that bellybutton cleaner haha.

Before I talk more about AX, let me rewind a bit back.

A mini splurge I did with my twinsy..

Not going to lie, a sale on SASA is hard to pass up on, so I stocked up on face masks. It didn't help that my twinsy also gave me some of her masks as part of my belated birthday gift. NO REGRETS!

There is the bad thing about malls. You go through them sometimes with a goal, and once you have completed your mission, you want to leave. But you can't. Because sales are everywhere during this time of year.

Did I mention that I'm a sucker for lotions?

I ended up purchasing 3 bottles of Country Apple (2 lotions and one shower gel) and 1 bottle of Juniper Breeze (lotion). Country Apple is hard to come by (especially when there is a sale), and is a classic fragrance of Bath and Body Works (so nostalgic for me).. so of course I would dive a little deep when it is only $3/bottle!

On another note, I recently bought a sewing machine (second-hand) from a British family nearby! They made plans to move to a different place, and needed to get some excess bulk out of the home. The sewing machine was used once or twice for small fixes on children's clothes, and so it was in a brand-new state!

LUCKY ME! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪

Dressed and ready to check-out the machine!

Forever21, Cotton-On, Betsey Johnson, Michael Kors
My OOTD initially involved a backpack, but the heat did not play nice with that as an accessory so I decided on my smallest bag. Sorry, but I forgot to wear my shoes for these shots. (≧Д≦) ゴメンヨー

And alas, here it is! A HUGE PICTURE OF MY NEW FRIEND! O(≧▽≦)O

Other than a bit of dust, this was basically new! It still had the box and manual, and the previous owner even gave me spare needles and bobbins! I have many projects in mind now!! And so I quickly purchased for $60! I highly recommend purchasing a sewing machine through Craigslist if you are on a budget but want to be crafty. Be patient, and the right machine will be posted (I waited quite some time until I cam across this post!).

On the same day (if I recall correctly), I attended the Alameda County Fair during its opening week to see what it had to offer. Because the night would get chilly, I switched out to some harem pants. Weather was still rather warm though, so I did a fishtail ponytail (uh...what?).

I took very few photos during my time at Alameda County Fair since I was on the hunt for the alligator hotdog (it was not worth it; didn't even taste that good) and I was shoving all the fair foods down my small frame of a body. These two photos were the only photos I took that are worth posting:

ALASKAN PIG RACE!! No, they are not Alaskan (no idea why it would be named that way) pigs, but little ones! The size of a maltese! Super cute!! I was squealing the whole time.

A little extra shopping was done sometime after, and I was able to do this with my new-found sewing machine friend:

I have SO many button-up tops, but none were actually short-sleeved! The only short-sleeved I owned was one I had purchased at MUJI during my New York trip. I used that as a template (right) and upcycled one of my oxford shirts from UNIQLO (left). Pretty good right?

My tools:

Strangely enough, I received other tools from my brother as a birthday gift (pun intended):

You would think as a girl, these items are not quite appropriate for me. However, I beg to differ! The spork is so convenient to take to work or camping since this one utensil doubles up as two! The swiss army knife is also handy for random times when a bottle needs to be opened, something need to be cut/filed, or fruit/whatnot needs to be chopped! Useful items yes! Big plus, the swiss army knife is like 2 inches long only! Super compact!!

As a belated birthday gift to myself, I finally FINALLY found the perfect classic black bag:

Getting curious?


THE PERFECT BAG!! The dimensions are that of a standard piece of writing paper (8.5" x 11"). It's simple, classic,  and has been in Coach's line for many many years! 

One of the two phone plugs I purchased at Anime Expo is sitting comfortably on my phone now! $1 only!

And just to throw it out there, my baby beardie has grown! Look at how cute he is!!

The tip of his tail is dark as it is starting to shed!!

Talon recently discovered his love for burlap fabric..

I took Talon out once on a short drive and he found comfort in sitting on my lap the whole time. \(*T▽T*)/

Now my AX stay was quite brief. Somewhat packed, but super brief.

I attended Friday the whole day, carpooling with Obiwon and my recently married friend Nhung. We perused the exhibition hall and artist alley, and went on our way to find our other friends sprinkled throughout the convention.

With lovely V as Totoro! SOOO cute~ ヽ(・∀・)ノ♪

With the lovely Ana a.k.a. Mangafreak

Playing Settlers of Catan. THIS GAME LOL MAKES ME SO UPSET!

My settlements became a Cheeto factory.

With Twinsy!

The rest of my week consisted of family time and a brief trip to Fashion District in LA to get some materials for a cosplay I have in mind. Everything was rather smooth and simple, nothing too out there or crazy. I'm starting to enjoy the more mellow events now as the heat is making me feel like a sweating slug.

Stay cool and I will post again soon!

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