Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October Haul Post

This post is for my purchases in October and my thoughts on them!


Now, let's get started!

Beauty Products

Love More Snail Mucin Healing and Hydrating Mask, Face Q Peony and Snow Lotus Mask, Face Q Ocean + Aloe Mask
I got some face masks from Sasa because the weather is slowly getting colder, which means my face will soon start feeling the cold dry air. My skin is complicated, so I need to hydrate accordingly. I have not used the masks yet though since the weather keeps jumping from chilly to hot.

Something I got extra in the order was the Nivea Body Whitening Treatment Cream. I have been using it on my arms since I have been doing more activities outdoors and have been getting an uneven tan because of it. Highly recommend this product since it smells lightly of berry yogurt, hydrates well, and is not oily! I will purchase a larger bottle once I finish this product!


 I have been trying to stock up on some transitioning clothes; clothes you can wear at the end of summer towards autumn. It is still warm, but I can feel the chills starting to catch up. Let's get a better look at the items!

The Zara top is actually quite nice! The color is actually a dark blue-grey (I apologize for the poor lighting!). A bit soft and quite airy. I liked that this simple muscle tee has a quilted pattern on the shoulders as it would keep me a tad warm, but  not too much. The scalloped hem is also a nice touch.

This ASOS top is something quite unexpected! I purchased this top on the whim since I had a stripes moment, and I ended up loving this shirt so much (I'm wearing it in my OOTD photo!). It feels quite liquidy and light. It is a bit loose, but not overly-so. Its length is just enough for a tucked-in look or left untucked for a simple lounging feel. I wish there were more colors available for this!

I am madly in love with this top. The color is that of Cammy's (Street Fighter) uniform, and even the fit is similar to her bodysuit! The top fits me just perfectly, leaving no ruched sides and accentuating my mildly broad shoulders. I loved the fit so much, I also own this in black.

Kate Spade's newest brand, Saturday is definitely made for the ladies who want to dress up for work, but want some more pop! in the monotonous workplace styles. I purchased this blouse because the pattern was a lovely mix of floral and geometric, and is also suitable for a variety of other occasions. If it wasn't enough, the fit is perfect for my dainty figure! I purchased a leather wallet clutch as well since my current wallet was taking up more space in my bag than need be.

I am back in SoCal now, and so the convenience of a Uniqlo is now gone. ・。(。/□\。)。・゚ Fortunately enough, there is a webstore! I purchased a cotton plaid button-up for my winter wardrobe and an alpaca sweater for the colder weather. The plaid in the photo is horrendous, but trust me, the actual item is a lot more contrasted. The alpaca sweater purchase was a no-brainer since 1) I have never owned anything made of alpaca fur, and 2) I have a weakness for sweaters. I don't actually own a light grey sweater (with the exception of my angora cardigan), and I have been loving crewneck sweaters lately, so a $20 investment was not too bad in my opinion! The sweater itself feel like a soft wool, something like an angora and wool mix. There are a lot of colors available for this sweater too, so I do recommend this!

This was a gift from Obiwon when I went on the Yosemite trip! The color is of a dusty mustard yellow, quite true to the photo. It is from the A/W 2013 line, and has quite a nice fit. LOVE the pom-pom on top. This will be a wonderful staple for my casual outings during the cold season.

To be honest, I have been avoiding Forever21. When I was younger, I felt that the brand was a savior for those with pocket change, but as I got older, I realized that a lot of the clothes are difficult for transitioning into a more mature look, at least professionally speaking. However, I passed by today and my eye latched onto this button-up, so I had to have it. I tried it on and it fit perfectly! Then on my way to the register, I also caught a glimpse of this adorable sock pattern! Nabbed that too! Just glancing at this, it looks like I went shopping at Madewell. Button-ups work for just about every occasion, so I am quite happy with this!

I am so happy with my clothes for the colder season! I feel like I dress up the most as the season turns chillier.

What staples will you be having this season?

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