Friday, November 1, 2013

Au Naturel

〜m( --)m(/;°ロ°)/ アレー
WARNING!! Image heavy post! 

Last weekend, I dove into nature. I stripped off my clothes and jumped right in without any makeup and all.


Okay I kept my clothes on, but I really did not wear makeup the whole weekend.

To celebrate Obiwon's birthday, we decided to spend the weekend with everyone's mother: Mother Nature.  We drove 3 hours towards Yosemite so that we could isolate ourselves. The sights were breathtaking.

Grabbed some snacks from farm stands on the way; roasted (salted) almonds and vegetable chips.

Our road for the next 3 hours

Best panoramic I have taken thus far.

We stayed at Camp Curry!

Guests' Lounge


I used to think I would be 100% urban girl for life, only because I never grew up with much exposure to nature on its own (backyard does not count). But waking up to the scent of fresh air and without the loud background sounds of honking and helicopters really made me think otherwise.

I walk out of the tent-cabin, look up, and this is what I see:

Everywhere. In the sky, I see towering trees with Autumn varietal of colors dangling above me. What else? I walk around the corner, and I literally get a postcard:

This photo does not even do this scene justice at all.

The beautiful morning got Obiwon and I enthusiastic enough to hike, and so we did a ~1mile hike to the bottom of Vernal Fall, stopping by the bridge on the way. Let me apologize ahead of time for the poor lighting; the day just started so quite a bit of the scenery was still in the shade and I did not want to edit the photos to ruin the natural experience.

After this, we were still excited...and decided to do a 4-hour one.


JUST KIDDING! We were short on daylight, and a 4-hour hike would have exhausted us! We really wanted to see the view though, so we decided to drive there instead.

Pastrami (mine) and Roast beef (Obiwon) sandwich we grabbed on the way
My water bottle photobombed. Notice that shaded side of the mountain? Apparently some people actually rock climb that, and there is a waiting list for it!

The drive up to Glacier Point was worthwhile (1 hour). The whole weekend was feeding my eyes with glorious natural offerings. This is probably the single most accurate photo to depict the breathtaking feeling I got:


The sights were wonderful, but to further indulge with our senses, I decided to feed our ears to some candy as well: I got tickets to see..

Bonobo. With an orchestra. A DJ that works with an orchestra LIVE? Yes please.

Our day was so well spent, we K.O.'d once we got the chance to touch a bed.

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