Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Natural Eyes - Dolly Wink Natural Dolly No. 9 Review

Hello dolls! (=∇=)ノ~♪

Today I will be blogging about the trending gyaru look: au naturale. (all natural! or close to it)

Compared to the early 2000's, the gyaru look has dramatically changed. The super dark and exaggerated eyes are not as trending as before (though they are still quite cute!), and I suppose this has to do with gals wanting to have an easier everyday look to work with so they wouldn't have to spend as much time. Let's see some pictures of what's trending now!

Ena Matsumoto - EMODA Producer (mode style)

Sayoko Ozaki - Model (mode style)
Tsubasa Masuwaka - Model/Dolly Wink Producer (otona style)
Momoko Ogihara - MURUA producer (mode style)

So what is popular now?

Natural eyes

For special occasions, usually formal and night events, I find darker/heavier lashes appropriate. During the daytime or for work, heavy makeup could seem a bit over-the-top, maybe not natural enough. Being an Asian girl with sparse, straight lashes, my goal was to find a pair of falsies I could wear every day without them being too obvious. Some researching online led me to investing on a higher-end pair of falsies:

Dolly Wink No. 9 Natural Dolly

I read through many reviews online and looked at all the photos with the lashes on before I decided on them. I noticed a few things I liked in my research, which ultimately pushed me to purchasing:

  1. Invisible spine. This means that it will blend seamlessly with natural lashes, assuming you can place the lashes close enough to the lash line.
  2. Comfortable. Because the lashes are not filling the spine, there is more room for movement
  3. Long-lasting. I heard these will last a while! If it does, this might just last me the whole year!
  4. Natural-looking. No one will know!
When I received my order, I was adoring the packaging; it's so cute! Very otona, and still a bit girly!

I saw the back and I seriously wanted her lashes. I actually have a hard time believe that it's not real! It looks like well managed lashes with a bit of mascara, which is exactly what I wanted!

Opening the package, this is what you would see:

Neatly organized false lashes with a small tube of glue. Upon closer inspection:

Very natural! I think the design is following the idea of lash extensions, where you place individual sections of lashes where you would want them. Tsubasa obviously did a lot of research and testing to see where the best placement for each length would be. How do they look on?

Please excuse my un-groomed brows :(
I love it! And you know what else? I am not wearing any mascara on my upper lashes at all! I wanted to see how it would look with a bit of brown eyeliner (smudged) as I don't always have the time (or want to put in the effort) to put on different shadows and blend.

I ordered this from Sasa since they usually have the best deals when it comes to Japanese beauty/skincare products! This costed me $13.50, which is a hefty price for only 2 pairs! However, it DOES come with a small tube of eyelash glue, and the quality is top-notch.

So..would you buy this again? 85% yes. The quality and care put into making these lashes are obvious when worn, and they do feel durable and comfortable, so they will last me quite some time. The only thing holding me back is the price.

What lashes would you recommend?

☆~~ヾ・ェ・)o尸~ マタネ~♪

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