Friday, December 6, 2013

Snail Slime Mask Review?!

Hello everyone! Hope you are all adjusting to the draft well?
(referring to those in California; is it me or has it been freezing at night?!)

As the title says, I will be reviewing snail boogers on my face! Just kidding, well, it might as well be considered snail boogers..

..are snail trails actually good for our skin?

Maybe not enough for me to want to have snails slime all over my face.

All jokes aside, snail trails are actually GOOD for you! Let me explain.

A snail's trails are quite viscous; thick, gel-like, and wet. Because of this consistency, it is able to retain a lot of moisture, therefore on a mask, would be able to sit on the face longer, allowing more absorption to occur. Mix in more wonderful vitamins and goods our skin can absorb, and our face will thank us!

Even my mom vouches for snail mucin products! My mom regularly uses a snail mucin moisturizing cream, and her face looked radiant, hydrated, more youthful, and she had a WONDERFUL natural glow. She ran out of product and had me search all over the internet to help her replenish. Snail mucin is THAT good!

Conveniently enough, it was all-the-rage for a while in Asia, so a lot of products had snail mucin in it! I snagged a box of Love More Snail Mucin and Hydrating Mask from Sasa to see what the rage is about. Plus it's the lazy gal's way to get some good in the skin without doing much

Product description from Sasa:
Love More Snail Mucin healing and Hydrating Mask makes use of precious snail mucin (only 1CC can be extracted after snail crawling for one meter) and animal polysaccharides (only 1CC can be extracted from 300CC of snail mucin) to build a natural moisturizing layer over skin. Having gentle soothing as well as hydrating efficacy, this ingredient has became a new hit in Korea skincare market. It can effectively brighten up skin, leaving it firm and supple. 
Hydration: Added with award-winning patented Syn®-Hycan, its hydrating effect is far better than the traditional hyaluronic acid to promote skin plumpness and moisture 
Face-fitting: Making use of Japanese feather soft film, the ultra-thin 0.2mm ergonomically fitted mask can stay firm and attach perfectly on face 
Nourishing: Nutritions are broken down into ultra-fine molecules so that it can be more easily absorbed to bring about deep moisturizing and brightening effect 
Deep penetration: Improved absorption to boost performance up to five times more effective than ordinary skincare products.

How true are these claims? LET'S SEE!

Cute packaging for individual masks! We know it will slowly get absorbed into the skin, so it makes sense that it looks like snail...mail..
Get it? ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆バンバン!

Just as claimed, the fit is actually pretty good! However, the only complaint I have would be the holes cut out for the eyes. It seems that because my bridge is a bit higher than most Asian girls, the eye holes are not centered on my face (notice the outer edge is touching the edge of my eyes?). When I centered it, there were gaps on the side of my nose that did not get any of the product. I can still see though, so no biggy (if all else fails, I could always cut a bigger hole..?).

Unlike other masks, the overlapping flap holds a lot of product! The flap is actually a bit bigger than other masks I have worn, so more product gets on! The mask stays on quite well as the sheet is thinner than typical masks, so it feels more like it's a part of your skin. No need to worry about it slipping off! And yes, it holds PLENTY of product.

From the leftover product in the package. The product itself was actually more runny than I expected, something between runny nose liquid (I know it's gross, but this is the best way I can describe it) and water. It felt slimy; when I tried to rub it onto my arm to feel the product, my skin was so slick with product..this thing doesn't evaporate!! Σ(●゚д゚●)

I wore the mask while in bed, before going to sleep yesterday. I normally leave masks on longer so that I can absorb as much product as possible, but this mask is different! I had this on for like 30 minutes (suggested was 15-20min.), and there was STILL product on my face when I took the mask off! My face had a layer of mucin on it, so I let it sit so that it could slowly get absorbed.

I don't know how much time had passed, but I thought the mucin was still on me (it felt like 30minutes). I touched my face, and to my surprise, it was all absorbed! My face felt so hydrated, I thought there was still mucin sitting on it! I fell asleep, and the next morning (today) I woke up to the most amazing skin ever.

Firstly, my skin was perfectly hydrated. I inspected my whole face and my skin looked and felt livelier; it had a bit of "bounce" to it. I also noticed my skin had a brighter look; very refreshed look. So if you have dull skin, or just got over being sick, I highly recommend this as it will bring life to your skin again.

IS THERE COLLAGEN IN THIS?! O__Oi I have double-lids (not very defined ones), but when my skin is really hydrated, one of my eyes tend to look extra "plump" (not swollen, but more younthful), causing a temporary mono-lid. It happened today, so I know this mask is good!

How did the mask do?

  • Hydrating: 5/5. This mask was definitely hydrating! Wonderful for dry/cold weather!
  • Face-fitting: 4/5. Thin sheet makes it sit on the face easily, but the eye-holes were a bit too close for me. Not a big deal though.
  • Nourishing: 5/5. My skin felt very plump and alive. Definitely nourishing!
  • Deep Penetration: 5/5. The consistency makes this product absorb slowly, providing better absorption!

There are only 7 sheets in this box, but I will definitely purchase another when I run out! Highly recommend this!

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