Thursday, January 2, 2014

B & C MAKEMANIA DATA 24H Waterproof Pencil Gel Eyeliner Review

Hello girlies!

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year! Time to remember to change the year when writing the date down.. this will take me some time to do instinctively =_=ll

So let us start the new year with a recent purchase going towards perfecting the natural make look! I got my hands on a wonderful gel eyeliner at!

24H Waterproof Pencil Gel Eyeliner
in Deep Brown

What wonderful packaging! I admit, the packaging caught my eye when browsing through many Japanese makeups! However, I made sure to check reviews on the product before purchasing! Packaging alone cannot persuade me!

After reading up thoroughly, I realized there were not that many reviews on this item. It is definitely not like Dolly Wink or Eyemazing, so I figured to add on my 2cents on this!

I love Love LOVE brown eyeliners. I use to swear by black, but for everyday wear, I have transitioned  quite some time ago to browns and neutrals. For quick on-the-go eyemake, I just tightline and wing it out a little, curl lashes, put on mascara, and run off to my day!

Taking the product out of packaging and uncapping it, my first impression was, "What nice color!" Really, this is the perfect brown color to use in day and night occasions! The color reminded me of dark/medium roast coffee beans, something like a brown-black. When I swiped the product, I was happy with the creaminess! I had invested in an Urban Decay 24/7 "waterproof" gel eyeliner, and the texture was too creamy, giving me panda eyes and smudging off slowly throughout the day. This liner is something between a generic kohl pencil and a really creamy one, so I feel safe that it would stay on longer throughout the day.

To test this eyeliner out, I swatched it on the top of my left hand.

Then I ran it under warm water.

Then I tried rubbing it under warm running water.

Then I tried rubbing it under warm running water with soap.

I rubbed harder and FINALLY got it all off. See the redness?

It took some thorough effort to get the eyeliner off. Not a difficult task (use a lot of soap or an oil-based remover), but it took a good rubbing.

^ My actual facial expression.

Then I snapped out of it.

This is just the type of eyeliner I have been looking for! Smudge/waterproof, but not overly difficult to remove! I actually used this on my waterline once, and it did not melt off! I am definitely going to try a black eyeliner from B & C next!
Tightlined and ready! (natural right?!)

What eyeliners would you recommend?

This is not a sponsored review and this is 100% all-me for you! Hope my entries help you dolls out!


  1. I love brown eyeliner on people but I've never tried it myself... I'm just too attached to my black liner. T^T I must agree that brown is so much nicer for a natural look though. It looks great on you! Thanks for the review!

    1. I think you'd look so good with browns (I think everyone would actually haha XD)!! Just use a really dark brown! It ends up looking like natural volume since it's kind of like your lashes/eyelids are casting a natural "shadow".

      Thanks doll! ~ヾ(^∇^) Hope my reviews are helpful.