Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fairy Drops Waterproof Volume Burst Mascara Review

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Hello dolls!

I'm starting the year off with cooking! I feel like I have lost my touch and have gotten lazy in the past year, so I will be working harder on healthier cooking and exercise!

So in trying to keep up with reviewing products regularly, I will be blogging about a much-raved about mascara..

(waterproof version)

If you are a follower, you'll notice that I have already replenished my HG mascara with the new formula for Heroine Make Volume Curl mascara (review here). Unfortunately, the new formula proved unsatisfactory, and so I had to find another mascara that is readily available and able to do everything I want it to: hold curlsvolumize my lashes, and is waterproof. If it lengthens, that's a plus, but not absolutely necessary.

I have seen countless raving  reviews for Fairy Drops mascaras, and so I hope the Volume Burst (WP) does not disappoint!

Packaging is already a winner for me. It uses no plastic, with an exception for the plastic/cellophane(?) encasing around the mascara for sanitary reasons, and uses little paper; environmentally friendly! The shaping of the packaging is done such that it can stand on its own, as well as stack when hung/placed on shelves without taking up too much space. The "Las Vegas" theme and colors make it pop, so it is quite the eye-catcher!

I am actually quite fond of the mascara tube design! Though I would much prefer a more refined and minimalist design, this mascara tube is very easy to spot in my makeup bag! Super girly and bedazzling nightlife illustrations are all over the tube.

The back of the packaging explains simply how to apply the mascara. No specified section of the wand is meant for a certain area of the eye, so you can just coat your lashes normally without worrying about angling it the right way. No gimmicky wand!

So what does the wand look like?

Like a standard mascara wand, only it has 3 protruding bumps to catch the harder-to reach areas. As large as the brush is, it is actually quite easy to apply the mascara. I cannot tell as my eyes are not that keen, but my guess would be the brush bristle placement is the reason for this!

So what do I get out of this wand?

It's holding my curl! AND IT'S NOT CLUMPING!! Actually, it doesn't clump at all. I don't know what was done in the manufacturing of this wand, but of the times I have used this, I never got spider legs or lumped up lashes!

After the mascara dries (which is quite fast in my opinion), the lashes feel hard. This is probably due to the waterproof formula and to help reinforce the curl so that it stays curled. It does not bother me, but for those who want their lashes softer, I would not recommend this to you.

After vs. Before
Do note, this mascara is for volume. With that said, if you looked at the previous photo I took of the wand, you will notice there are some bits of fiber on the brush, but not a lot. I am content with the length of my lashes, but because they are so sparse, I wanted to get a mascara that would push volume into them. So far I'm getting what I want! I am getting added length as a bonus, and yes, you can build on the fibers for more length.

I am confident in Fairy Drops that if you have sparse and short lashes, you can probably get a lengthening mascara to apply on top of the Volume Burst mascara to get a full lashes effect.

Wearing minimal makeup so that I can best show the mascara's effects
Now for the final look!

I give this mascara: 5/5

  • Waterproof
  • Holds curls
  • Volumizes (and lengthens, a bonus!)

I purchased this mascara on Sasa for $13USD. Though a bit pricier than some drugstore brands, I think if a product is something you find essential, it is worth investing in.

Questions? Comments? Other product recommendations? Let me know about your thoughts and experiences! (*≧▽≦)/


  1. Great review!!! :) I might try this mascara out now since i've been looking for one that doesn't clump up.