Thursday, February 18, 2010

Makeup ♥

okie i posted earlier "today", but i just saw this and it blew my mind! i do not fancy big branded goodies (no moneys!), but in a more design/fashion perspective, i was aesthetically (yay big word!) pleased!

i follow a blog recently that covered topics of beauty and anime. though i am a bigger fan of the latter, i found that she is now a brand ambassador of Marjolica Marjorca, a branch off of the Shiseido brand. this brand has been very successful in Japan, Hong Kong, and many of the Asian countries. i would say they are the MAC equivalent. and so upon noticing that they have added a new "chapter" to their line of makeup, i couldn't help but enjoy skimming through the site!

Chapter 26: She Was A Doll

my love for the dolly look and antique/victorian-inspired design has been placed into a website! oh the joy!

because i am mentioning makeup, something i know little about, mikan will add on to this post later with a makeup tutorial on how to save your remaining bits of makeup. we can't put those expensive brands to waste now can we?

edit later, hopefully not that late nya! ciao bella~!

..p.s. did your realize my grammar is actually better?! hooray Microsoft Word!

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