Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shopping & DIY♥

this weekend was very eventful!! i had a mini-adventure with koto~♥


on friday night koto, stae, mio, kai, and i went to watch "Shutter Island". it was very good! i haven't seen trailers for it, so i did not know what to expect! very sad story though... (resists from spoiling movie). XD

so mikan slept over at koto's for the weekend. anytime i sleep over at her house = SEWING DAY! so the next day koto and i went off to hunt for fabric and random goodies! whenever mikan goes there, mikan always find random things mikan like!

i am a BIG fan of baroque print. mikan drooled looking at this *Q*

mikan is also a huge fan of antique-looking and rococo/victorian-based goodies. there are so many of them buttons!

koto noticed a huge fabric warehouse place stocked with a lot of fabric. we couldn't decide what to get...too overwhelming! >.<
after spending four hours walking around the fashion district, we realized we didn't eat yet! aiyo.. we were so hungry! we decided to park in the little tokyo mall to grab some food at the market. we walked around for a bit before eating ;)

..and spotted these yummies. T-T can't spoil our brunch!

to accompany our meal, we went to the drink section to get something. koto got kirin coffee, and mikan got aloe drink!

we finally ordered our food! koto ordered soba and mikan ordered kimchi ramen (i wanted spicy hee~♥).
koto looking uber moe nya! ♥
my yummies!

after our meal, we wanted dessert! before going into the market, we saw a street vendor making taiyaki! koto ordered a red bean taiyaki and mikan ordered custard! we so opposite ♥

it was really nice, the vendors were right in front of a fountain and lounge area! super pretty! ♥ it was cozy eating outside.

we finally got back to koto's house, and we finally found the present venus got me! white petticoat from bodyline! in exchange, i am making her black bloomers ♥ thankies v-chan!

okie now for my DIY section that i said i would post a few days ago! hopefully this is useful!

DIY: Saving Your Pressed Powder
what do you do when your pressed powder is almost out? when it looks like this?

well for sure..DO NOT THROW IT AWAY! it could still come in handy! here is what you will need:

- pressed powder (full or almost empty)
- ziplock bag or small bag
- hammer, rolling pin, or something heavy
- a chopstick or skewer
- small container/jar (enough so portable)
- facial sunblock lotion

depending on what you want to do with your remaining powder, there are two options. here is option 1:

make your own brush powder
this is really easy to do. with your remaining pressed powder, scrape as much as you can into a ziplock bag. make sure it is sealed air-tight. run a rolling pin or something heavy onto it until all of the powder is like dust; very fine. when that is done, pour the contents into the small container.

this is your BRUSH POWDER! you can use a brush and apply this over your foundation for the finished look, just as you would with your pressed powder. the beauty of this? it is more portable (super small jar versus circular compact?). this seems rather simple, and i don't know if anyone has done this, but i like saving my powder!

now here is option 2:

make your own foundation
this is my favorite of the two possibilities. start by turning your pressed powder into...powder. as you can see from the pic above, there are balls of powder and clustered powder. scrape as much as you can of that off into the ziplock bag, and seal it air-tight. get your rolling pin (or hammer fuahahha!) and mash it into fine dust. it should be almost like flour. the finer you get it, the better it will be.

now with the small container, pour in some of the facial sunblock. then pour in little by little, your powder. don't pour all of it in at once. the beauty of this is that if your powder was too dark for you, you can adjust it by putting in more of the facial sunblock. mix the whole thing well with a chopstick or skewer until the color is even. add more sunblock/powder to get to the color you want. if you want this to look REALLY nice, you can try putting it into a blender, but i think that may be a health hazard.

in my first attempt, i FAILED. this was because i did not un-lumpify my powder, so i ended up with clumps. the problem with clumps is that if you apply the foundation, it will leave streaks from the balls of powder that were lumped together. here is what my mixture looked like:

it doesn't look appealing, but i didn't have much powder to work with! what i love about this DIY foundation is that there is sunblock in it, meaning you get sun protection AND an even skin tone. win-win situation!

i hope this DIY helps! i will post more of my ideas weekly and hopefully i will be providing a lot of money-saving help. feedback and questions welcomed!


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