Thursday, February 25, 2010

More Stuff! ♥


my love for Victoria's Secret model adriana lima! she is my favorite of all~ ♥


my twinsy, a.k.a. mio, and i just purchased from VS online! mikan was persuaded into it since Victoria's Secret is offering a surprise reward card ranging from $10 to $100 with every purchase! use code REWARD10 online to get your card girlies! so what did mikan buy?

i bought the yoga skirt leggings for $16.99, and a bikini set for about $15! what a steal neh! i have been looking for opaque leggings for a while, and found a nice pair in the VS website..but then i found these amazing skirt leggings on clearance and got these instead! lucky me! ♥

what else made my day? my friend came back from his short trip to Guatemala! i asked him if he could get me a mini bag of their coffee, since it is one of their #1 exports, and i finally got it today! and reading it, it says that it was grown on volcanic slopes! mmm..tastes like volcano + caffeine! ありがとうございます! ♥

i also couldn't help but get this cute little glass bottle today. i have no idea what to do with it..but it's super cute ♥! mikan don't have much of a green thumb, but maybe with a moe jar it would grow? >.

and yet again i got hungry T-T. when do i not eat? i had some homemade soup with mio, and still go hungry and ate this nummy dessert...and i forgot the name of it hee~ ♥

it is so late! i always end up posting late about my day and wake up exhausted sigh. i am still waiting on my DS Lite and R4 to plop on my door, and now also waiting for online purchases. i really cannot be around mio or she'll make my wallet dry sigh. i shall go sleep now and blog more another day!

♥ おやすみなさい。

forgot to mention that mio, kai, and mikan have photoshoot this Sunday! hope pictures come out nice! hyuhyuhu~ ♥

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  1. Maybe you just need a certain VIP Photographer to sponsor you guys XD