Friday, February 26, 2010

Too Excited!! ♥

i was so hungry tonight! was so tired that i made bibimbap for dinner. thank goodness my roomie had korean chili sauce. craving spicy..yum!! i had watercret veggie with garlic, rice, pepper, salt, and seasoned ground beef (i put lots of stuff in it so don't remember all spices!). it was so good.. drool..

i can't keep it to myself! mikan just finished sewing venus-chan's bloomers! mikan has a love for bows, lace, frills, tulle, and this was a fun little project! just a short picture update..

isn't it adorable? last time i made white bloomers with white trim, but it was too small! so now i re-did v-chan's bloomers as a gift since she purchased white petticoat for me. ♥ thankies venus! this one is black cotton with creme crochet trim, topped with a peach bow center. i always thought creme colored were for the more classy ladies, and v-chan is very classic! i am so happy with this one nya! v-chan is a little skinnier than me, so i tried on to see how the bloomers fit.. just in case!

now i have to start on chiyo's! she requested black pair with white trim and black bows. still need to buy some of the trim stuff so i can make it! i should just buy a whole roll of it..since i always find random cute things to make!

so why is mikan making bloomers? and why did mikan get petticoat from v-chan? this is because venus, chiyo, and mikan are part of AniMaid Cafe! AniMaid Cafe is a maid cafe that started about one year ago for con-goers, cosplayers, and everyone in-between to experience a japanese maid cafe! we try our best to provide fun, relaxation, and excitement to our goshujinsamas and ojousamas! ♥ and it is a great way to meet others with similar interests (anime, video games, cosplay, japanese culture, etc.). XD we are always trying our best to make everyone feel happy!

anywho, as for now, short update over! mikan didn't mean to spam a random blog entry... but i was too proud of the bloomers hee~