Wednesday, March 3, 2010

♥ Sneak Peak!!

hi hi everyone! mikan is back! and with PICTURES!

meet my little squirrel friend! i fed it a raspberry from my fruit tart, given by gilbert before shoot!

yes, this weekend was photoshoot weekend! shoot was tiring and wore mikan out, but it was fun and hopefully inspiring! here's a small sneak peak of outfit 1 from the shoot:

look how small i am! hee~

so for christmas i received a mini rex (i named it "rexy"!) sewing machine. it's so small! it is good for small projects and little crafts.

pros: small and DEFINITELY portable. easy to use; very basic settings. there's a bobbin winder, and threading it is cake. tension can also be adjusted. speed can be adjusted (fast or slow). definitely good for traveling to repair parts, especially if you're a cosplayer and you have a cosplay malfunction!

cons: runs on batteries or AC/DC adaptor, but does not include either. one stitch and no reverse stitch. foot cannot be replaced. there is no pedal to control speed, only a button. it is also loud! cannot handle thick fabric (such as furs).

even though there are cons, this little thing has done wonderful things! in my previous post, i made bloomers with this!

sadly it ran on AA batteries! why?! so expensive to buy! so the manual said i could be an adaptor (which would be $ saving in the long run right?), and so i did, and it finally came today! hyuhyuhyu!

 the packaging was VERY bulky, and looked really old. this made me question whether the quality of this product was good..but mikan give it a try anyways! this is what it came with..

the great thing about this was that there are several different plugs you can switch off to! and what else? voltage can be adjusted so this can travel with you anywhere!

the downside to this product is that it is very Very VERY heavy.

so the other day, mio and i decided to share an order online so we could get free shipping! mio ordered two pairs of shoes and mikan ordered one and a shirt! shipping was so fast, it came in three days! it was so unexpected, mikan wasn't even sure what the giant box was doing in our living room..
lovely pink plaid box and blue flowery box is mio's!

my order?
they shoved my shirt in a little plastic bag underneath the boxes! >.aiyo! at least our shoes look nice!
i rushed the heels on and didn't fix the straps, but here are my heels! twinsy and i got practically the same heels, but her's are opened toed and with a strappy front and solid ankle, as mine is the opposite. but there is only one problem with my heels: they are half a size too big. dare i return these heels? no! of course not! instead i've found a way to fix it; i'm going to wear stockings! yes, if it doesn't fit, HIDE it. though they are a bit loose on me, i have Dr. Scholl's inserts for heels, and paired with some stockings and it will be well hidden! other ways to fix this?

1. return them. it's simple, if it doesn't fit, return it!
2. alter them. stuff the heel or toe part of the heels. depending on what kind of heels you have (sling-back, closed toe, etc.), the possibilities will vary. i suggest trying gel inserts or cushions for heels so that you can fill it in better, and if it is too big lengthwise, stuff the front or back. there are inserts that are just for the ball-of-the-foot, so those will definitely help out too.
3. deceive. hide imperfections! with bigger heels, you tend to get "toe cleavage", which i never find appealing unless you are wearing sandals or open-toe shoes. wear stockings to go with your outfit and slip on the heels (with our without inserts, depending on how well they fit you). voila, toe cleavage GONE.

i am a big fan of stockings. i find that they can always add more to an outfit when it is plain, and it is fairly easy to accessorize. another plus? there is a huge variety of styles out there, and many can be found at rather low prices!

but what else made my day? guess what i saw in my mailbox?
behold the almighty! 2 out of the 3 orders are here now...but the most important has yet to come! can't wait for that! tracker says it should be here within a week..

early day tomorrow. i still have much to say, but will post some more later. also cannot decide which DIY tutorial to do next. we shall see now won't we?

good night!

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