Saturday, March 27, 2010

so mikan just recently finished putting bling on DS! it took like two days T-T. aiyo..
 slow, but surely progress!
and the final work!
my original design was to have all black opaque rhinestones laid out in such a way that there would be a lot of "texture" (aka unevenly so it's lumpy all over! hee~). in the end it seemed like it may be too dark, so i added some regular rhinestones and a white cameo with a gold frame. mikan also wanted to use all crystals...but glad didn't! it's already heavy as is...if they were all Swarovski...OMGoshujinsama it would be so heavy! i also bought a small frame for a friend for part of her late Christmas gift, and decked it out too!
i love how chunky it looks!

anywho, few days ago mikan and a few other lucky メイド attended the Cherry Blossom Festival VIP Reception! because AniMaid Cafe will be at the festival, they invited a few of us to go attend the reception to mingle and meet the other nice people who will be at there! because we were in charge of the lolita fashion show, we all went in lolita! neh everyone was so pretty nya! ♥

here's mio&mikan! mio is in "sweet" style, and me in "shiro" style! you can see mio's blog here.
had fringe in front the whole night, but hair kept poking me so i moved it to side! ohoho look like makeover!

our food was delicious! this is one of mikan's MANY lates of noms that night! ;x hee~
sushi (california and spider), meatballs (it don't look good but it was REALLY good), salad (i went for fifths...yes fifths!), egg rolls. in the end i picked some of maiyu's food too >.>i. there was more food but i grab what i can get fastest XD~

for dessert we had mini mochi! each color was a different flavor! mio wanted to steal some to take home.. i can't blame her heh~

the speaker of the night! she is a very social lady! was very nice and took lots of pics with us! then again, many people took pics of us because we were all very "kawaii!!" as some of them would say o_oi

before leaving, i took a pic from the balcony. didn't realize how high up we were! felt so special so up high~!

now a few days ago, i went to see EMERGE, an art gallery event held at Pacific Design Center! mikan never been to an art gallery before, so was super excited! when we went to the place, it was like a mall...just to hold galleries! interior design, architecture, digital art, graphic design, etc.! the whole floor was full of it! and other rooms that were closed held one-of-a-kind furniture! so pricey, but was gorgeous! didn't take pics inside though because was SO cramped! could barely move! i said "excuse me!" and "sorry!" so many times!

outside the design center..
after wandering around for about two hours, we got hungry and went to Gaam restaurant for food. it is decent price, and happy hour = 50% off all FOOD and drinks (except sake)! we ordered one plate of okonomiyaki and a sample platter of skewers (about 10 skewers?). total was ~$20/person (including tip). not bad! and my favorite part of the restaurant? how it is designed. almost completely dark except some candles on table and wall lighting. there is also projector to show music videos and/or artsy videos (dunno' what it's called). perfect dating spot!
see how dark it is?! but it's really pretty, really!

after eating, we decide to lounge at The Spot. it is a coffee shop/lounge that opens late with little desserts and drinks for you to have. think Starbucks, but louder, with open smoking (ew ::cough:: x_xi), lots of people, and funky interior design!
my friend was fixing her camera while we waited for our order so we could take pics at dim lighting. XD
i ordered hazelnut latte! look at the spoon! first thing i noticed was the stirring spoon because it is so cute! it was very good, cost about $6 (a bit pricey no? more pricey than before!), but was good!
my friend also gave me my very very very belated Christmas gift! she knows me so well.. she got me something with LACE~!

it does not show true to color, but it is forest greenish blue with black lace trim and pockets! it's a long and thin cardigan with puff sleeves and two front pockets. very soft and comfy, good for layering! thankies nicky!

other purchases that finally came? mio gave me my stuff when we got ready for reception!

my long awaited lengthy necklace with crown ring! crown ring is 12k gold (i think it was 12? maybe less) with Swarovski crystals. i've been wanting a crown ring for a very long time, thank goodness i finally got it! the bear necklace...hmm...WONDER WHY MIKAN GOT THAT HUH? look, bear wearing a crown, the end, mikan wants. XD~

shoulder tired. maybe on computer too long! will blog more when more time comes. should also do tutorial soon, but unsure of what DIY to do. been doing more like picture posts lately. we'll see though!

me out!


  1. You need a Toyota Crown with a Garson D.A.D. Type Crown badge. HAHAhahahah.

    look look!

  2. cool! your deco is kawaii!

    love your blog, mikan!