Friday, April 16, 2010

quickie picture update! ♥

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hi hi everyone! sorry mikan haven't updated in so long! been busy hanging out with mio and doing random fun stuffs!

let us begin nya!

went to art gallery last week! was very interesting! so small, but had many nice work! wanted to buy some...but so pricey! all one-of-a-kind though, so totally understandable! when mikan make lots of moneys, i will buy many to support independent artists! yesh yesh!

the weekend following was CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL in Little Tokyo! mikan was at the lolita fashion show, opening up with tomoe-chan! i was in shiro and tomoe was kuro!

wah was so nervous! forgot if posing right or if face look weird x-xi. but was good event and after lolita fashion show, we play jankenpon (rock, scissor, paper!)! mikan switch out into maid dress real fast for that, and then did hapi hapi morningu dance with other maids nya!!

[EDIT] was able to find video that someone recorded! mikan is at far right in maid dress! was fun!

afterwards met some goshujinsamas and ojousamas who are my Facebook friends! was very happy and excited ♥! was good day. switch to normal clothes after and go home!

also gave new メイド in cafe present! mio and mikan made cute stuffs for her la! i made kitty plush and mio made pandacorn (panda + unicorn hybrid!)!

 AniMaid Cafe's official photographer mr. gilbert also recently came back from Taiwan and brought back presents! he got present for all cafe meido, and also i special request to get masks because mio had me try some and fall in love with it!

got white rose, apple, and white pearl masks! without actually reading reviews, i tried white rose and felt very moisturized and refreshed. looked more online and found many other "flavors" that can do many things for skin! so far i think i will have two masks a month to keep nice skin!
our meido gift was a leather strap (black, white, or pink) with swarovski crystal letters that spell out our name! it is so pretty i am still wearing it now!

mr. gilbert also had the lucky chance to visit two maid cafes! so jealous! hopefully i can do trips to maid cafes when i get chance to travel!

mr. gilbert also visited us yesterday and took us to KOGI TRUCK! we drive to Rowland Heights and waited short time to get order! then got dessert at Appo Appo!
ordered kimchi short rib quesadilla! drenched hot sauce on it because so nummy!
mr. gilbert! he also ordered set of business cards (because he is a very good photographer yes!). can you tell what the backings are? tease you!

kaname has been visiting us too! he recently brought homemade blanket he made for us! mikan got strawberry creme pink with chocolate brown polka dots! so sweet! thankies kaname!
ah lighting was bad, but i promise it is very cute!

and what i got from kchan? a pair of earrings! because kchan knows how much i love bows, laces, ribbons, trims, and crowns (like everyone know!), kchan saw this and know i like so she buy for me! ありがとうございます kchan! ♥

oh and mio and mikan been busy watching America's Next Top Model! so we been feeling to dress up and look cute! will maybe post pictures up next time!

as for now, one of my favorite models (other than Nakashima Mika!): Gemma Ward!
 ♥ post more next time!

much love~ ♥

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