Tuesday, April 20, 2010

♥ shopping spree~

hi hi goshujinsama and ojousama! i am here to blog again!
(so quickly mikan? why!)
well i just recently went shopping at Melrose! and i want to show my purchases and thoughts of the stores, in case anyone wants to know where i get my stuffs! now onwards! ♥

so this past weekend i went to go shopping! first stop was PopKiller in Little Tokyo! this store is known for their good finds on vintage goodies and own store items! they also carry some cute random stuffs that are just plain fun to look at (like butt-floss. yes, butt-floss!)! what i love about this store is that they find the GOOD vintage stuff for you and stick it all in their store so you don't have to hunt so hard for vintage goodies! another plus is the way the store is decorated! it looks like a small little shop stuffed with goodies (very very cozy!). the workers are always nice and help what they can! also, PopKiller is located in the middle of the good stuff in Little Tokyo, so it is not far from everything else (market, Weller Court, bookstore, etc.)! and the best part? they have THREE locations!

my purchase: creme oversized knit beanie

sorry my fringe is growing out! new style coming up soon?

second store stop was at MELROSE area! walked to many "hypebeast" stores to look for some nice kicks, but ended up going to a small-ish looking one called Sportie LA! this store carried many different styles of shoes! from outside it is very small-looking, and maybe a little messy, but they have decent selection of shoes, including brands like Supra, Vans, Converse, Nike, and many others! store felt family-owened since everyone seem very comfortable with each other. half the store did not seem completely done (second cashier section piled with bunch of shoes o_oi), but i think it is because they are so busy! located on Melrose strip with all the boutiques, clothing shops, and vintage stores. this store is a mini shoe mall!
did i mention that some celebrities come here for their shoes? (shh! ;x)

my purchase: Creative Recreation - Essentials - Cesario XVI
in my opinion, i much preferred the men's version of the Cesario, but they don't have men's 5.5 >.>i smallest was 8. >;l boo! anywho i love high-tops and i realized i do not own a pair of black shoes at all, so i settled for a pair of hypebeast Creative Recreation hightops!

my last two purchases came from a cute vinyl figurine store called Munky King. this store was very simple, much like many other vinyl figurine stores; first half of the store was dedicated in selling the blind-boxed figurines or already opened ones, along with some plushies, and the second half is the "gallery", where some more personal creations are displayed for sale. store is also located on Melrose strip! prices are normal, but they did carry some more personalized vinyl figurines compared to other stores i've been to.

my purchases:
got baby yellow crawling Gloomy zipper pull from blindbox! it matched my leo bear for DS so now they are best friends!
finally, from ELEMENTAL Series, 2.5 in. Qee! these were almost out, only two blind-boxes were left so i quickly grabbed one! wanted to get the rest of my Series2 of Smorkin Labbits, but i wanted variety and got these instead!

overall shopping was good! ate at Argentine Grill named Lala's afterwards where it was really packed! they are known for meats so anything beef is good! was so crowded that i sat like one-foot away from an old couple! i suggest outdoor seating at night!

ah much moneys spent! time to rest my wallet! if interested in more shops i am regular at, please ask! ♥


  1. The gloomy Bear is really cute <3

    Mikan Shops too much XDDD heh

  2. I agree, Mikan shops WAYyyy too much. LOL

  3. omfg, munky king is def one of my fave stores in melrose(:
    my dad used to own a shop there so i used to go there all the time~~
    My fave store there is still Japan LA <3 kukuk~
    also, creative recreation is also one of my fave shoe brands! woah, mikan is rich, all these expensive stores and brands ;o

  4. ahah~

    oh yes me also went to japan LA, but it was too much hello kitty for me (ahem mio ahem). ahhahah. no not rich, just in big debt harhar :P love male shoessss

  5. Hello, I just found your blog and I love it. So kawaii. Hi i'm charlotte, nice to meet you ^^

  6. hi hi charlotte! ありがとうございます! sorry late reply! hope we be good friends~