Wednesday, July 7, 2010

♥ post AX

sorry sorry! been long time since update!


well for past week, mikan been recovering from MAX event and Anime Expo! slaved on cosplay for weeks before the conventions! so tired so tired!

for day 1 of AX, mikan worked at MAX the whole time! MAX is a new con that just debut this year on July 1st! for a new con, i was really surprised/impressed! we had Stan Lee, h. Naoto, and Yoshiki from X JAPAN!! best part? it was free!! this year MAX also asked AniMaid Cafe to have two events (breakfast and dinner) at Club Nokia! we finally got enough room for everything! best part? we served food from Wolfgang Puck!

i would show pictures, but i was busy working nya~ hee~

also, after the night event, a few lucky others and mikan were picked to welcome yoshiki and stan lee into Club Nokia! mio was placed to welcome them at the door, and i was placed to welcome them at the red (actually black) carpet where they answered questions from the press. you can see me hiding behind stan lee and the yoshiki foundation sign in the following video. x_x was so embarrassed/shy/nervous nya~


was exhausted that day! so i didn't even go to the VIP party they invited us to. therefore i missed the h. naoto fashion show ._.

next day i cosplayed as a STALKER from Ragnarok Online! did not take pictures because wig started giving me headache so i took off right when day ended :l. if anyone have pictures let me know please! ^__^ this was what top half looked like:

without headgear!

with headgear! leaf tiara! take that saplings!!! XD~

mikan also received two gifts from fellow meido/roomie mio! i left AX early because had so much stuffs to do, she got me pressies when i was not there! much love nya! ♥

my favorite sanrio character, melody-chan!

my favorite plush character of ALL! GLOOMY BEAR ♥ ish a gloomy bear face plush pillow with glittery fur hee~

also, before AX, my birthday was in June! just when i thought i had enough, i got another fruit tart from gilbert! arigatou gozaimasu gilbert!

to top everything off, i recently got a BOBBLE. it is completely environmentally friendly, and made perfect for those on-the-go and don't like fountain water. it is only $10 on their site (lucky me, i got it from WOOT! and it was $20 for two bobbles and two filters!), and the filter is equal to 300 water bottles! saves so much money and good for the earth!

when i first got it, i could tell the plastic is thin. it felt like it would snap! after squishing it a bit though, i think it is fine! it was designed that way! yay good earth!

i am still slowly cleaning rooms and healing from con! update later chu~

love you dollies!