Monday, September 20, 2010

lots of pics! ♥

cosplaying as Maria from Arakawa Under the Bridge! also did a shoot in meido uniform for AniMaid Cafe!


it has been a long time neh! gomenasai! it has been....mmm... 2 months! o_oi so sorry~

but update on what mikan has been up to lately! not so long ago i had photoshoot with koto for our Arakawa Under the Bridge cosplays! koto cosplayed as P-ko and mikan did Maria!

after taking pics, koto wanted to put on my wig for fun. we look like sister huh! XD~


also, rayna and their friend suki tagged along to do their individual photoshoot! it looked a lot like love x vamp x lolita style! it suppose to be like a vamp love story ♥~


and of course our photographer was mr. gilbert!

shoot took very long! it was a hot day so we felt really dehydrated! so we decided to grab snacks at Guppy's to fill our tummy and cool us off.

part one of the meal, spicy crispy chicken! the spicy powder stuff was put to the side since koto couldn't eat too much spicy (it ok, more for suki and me!).

our huge bowl of strawberry + condensed milk + shaved ice. perfect after hot day! it was so much, we couldn't even finish it! ♥ but so good~

and lastly, our coconut french toast thingy with sweet syrup *Q* we nommed it up!

after eating, we all decided to relax at an arcade place called Round1. there is SO much to do there! there is an arcade, claw machines, purikura ($5/booth!!), bowling, karaoke, darts, ping-pong, and a small food court! it was my first time there so mikan definitely feel like it was beautiful *0* (♥purikura/claw machine/karaoke!)!



and by the end of the night, i was given two plushies to take home with me! ^_^ thankies mr. gilbert! ♥

right after going, a week later was koto's birthday! SEPTEMBER 19 = HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOTO! ♥

this time was more fun! why? because the theme was KIGURUMI KAROKE! so what were all the outfits?! it was so much fun i will just show pictures XD~

not everyone had a kigurumi, but this sofa had all kigurumi furries! you can see one of our newer maids erri is a pikachu!

and look what koto got as a gift! her friend made it! look just like her! just as cute as her too~
and if you can't tell, koto is a chipmunk. big hint: disney character!

chiyo also was trying to win a rilakkuma really bad. all together, everyone tried to win it for her but the machine was being stupid! total money spent with everyone: $125+ STUPID MACHINE! as;fdlkja
SEE?! it is stuck in that position! rilakkuma's head was too heavy to lift, so we had to drag slowly the whole way, but it still won't fall! :: angry :: but we all finally did it and chiyo was so happy and grateful that she bought us drinks. thankies chiyo~ we were not going to leave until you got one! ♥

but few days before the karaoke, kai and i got plushy! so why is the machine so mean now! we didn't spend that much! and my twinsy mio did a lot of the claw machine-ing for the plushies for me too. thankies twinsy! ♥
the before picture:
   kai: oh i want plushy rilakkuma /emo  ;A;
the after picture:
   kai: (= u =) ~♥

and mikan want fat brown one (so cute it has embroidered zipper down the back! ♥), so mio got it for me! ♥


after making scrump for her, we fall asleep in same bed from exhaustion! x_xi i woke up early so my rilakkuma take my place!

okie so back to the partay! after karaoke a lot of other friends came! original was i think 15 people, then later it was over 20! sugoi! we take up lots of room! so fun with so many people ♥

and of course, i got plushy because twinsy got for me! look at her hard work!
mio's kigurumi is of Scrump from Lilo and Stitch! we stayed up late to make it! we also got matching hello kitty plushy that day to go with our kigurumis. coincidence really!
after karaoke, we spent whole time with everyone taking purikura! so many so many! but we found our favorite machine! ♥ after that we went for dinner and dessert, then everyone had to go because school started for almost everyone :/. but it was really to see many people haven't seen in a while! miss you all! ♥


so..anyone know what is mikan's kigurumi?

my favorite plush of course!

GLOOMY BEAR ♥ and just added bloodstain the day before karaoke too! ;x

i know i have been behind with updates, but i have so many things to do lately nya~! gomenasai~! have been getting many sewing ideas, so will post up more for sure soon! recently did some headbows as well ♥

hope everyone having good summer hm? more updates to come! got lots to post~♥


  1. sooo cute!

    everyone is soo cute!
    the event is sooo cute!!

    how i wish i can join in the fun as well >.<

    mikan is soo cute! <3

  2. mikan mikan! <3

    thanks for the comments!

    where did you buy your kigurumi by the way?
    i plan to wear kigurumi for a festival =)

  3. i fuckin hate that machine LOL.