Monday, November 22, 2010

long time no post!! ♥ gomenasai~

DS deco mikan did for mio! elegant gothic style!


so sorry for belated updates neh! x_xi i dunno' what to blog nowadays! but this is minor update nya!!

recently i started doing DECODEN again! i always like deco, so mikan did some for mio's DS (i begged her to let me =_=i). also decorated mine, which is very opposite in style than her's:

too much free time maybe? okie maybe just a little hehe~

recently i have been having a hard time finding clothes i like, so mikan has been doing lots of DIY stuffs! i will possibly put some tutorials for ladies if you would like some! first thing mikan made was from korean pop group 4Minute MV "HUH"! hoodie influence looks like this:

totally my style! so punk so rock so hardcore! i love big hoods! *0* but one i made was not as cool, but very versatile! yesh! fortunately mikan had a shoot with koto, rayna, and suki, so gilbert took some pics of it!


please ignore my wannabe-cool-model face in last picture x_xi. but yes, was very happy! it is also made seamless; no stitches seen! this takes more fabric but i did it anyway! ♥ fabric i bought by weight. yes weight! $2/lb (because leftover from previous season/roll so store try to get rid of it)! it is very soft and very silky-feeling!

also, every gal knows ViVi, JJ, and all the japanese fashion magazines yes? well every doll knows of the twisty headband trend too? of course! so mikan made some of them too, but with own flare!

i like them fat and chunky! skinny headbands make me feel weird, don't know why x_xi. but yes, been making a lot of clothes and accessories lately since i am picky at stuff nowadays because i can't find what i want in store. ~(*Q* ~) much more fun nya~!

currently learning crochet! i am teaching myself to make a circle scarf instead of buying! it is very versatile and mikan love layering, so this is a fun project ^u^. what do you dollies like to make? any DIY tutorials for me to look at? i feel crafty! ♥

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