Wednesday, May 18, 2011


hi  hi everyone! ♥ how is everyone doing? -(>m<)- sorry mikan haven't posted in while~

so lately i have been on facebook more than blogger! (ahh gomenasai! >.<;) and for everyone to know, i am starting MY FIRST EPIC GIVEAWAY! i am very excited!

ANYONE can enter my giveaway, and i will ship the gift to the winner no matter where they are! ♥ isn't that great neh? ~(*o*)~

as long as you have a facebook, you can enter the giveaway here! just follow instructions on facebook and you will know what to do! the giveaway will consist of things made by me and purchased by me for my darling friends from all around the world! thank you for being my friend nya~! \(♥u♥)/

sorry it has been very late! have not posted in so long...but please be patient with me! onegaishimasu~

good luck to all participants! hyuhyu~


DID YOU ALSO KNOW WE HAVE A HOST CLUB NOW? :) just check them out at our cafe website and at our event here! ♥

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