Sunday, August 7, 2011

♥ Samples for EVERYTHING! ♥

Did I ever post the RO cosplay group pic? =_=; I look so bad here but yes, I am the BLONDE on the right!


♥ Hi hi everyone! Long time no blog! ~(*u* ~)

Recently I have seen some cute bloggers online reviewing lots of products, and I have always wondered, "How can they afford to buy all these products to review?! What if they don't like it? Then it's a waste of money!" And so I have found out how they get to do these great reviews. -(O_O)-


It is a Singapore-based online shop that provides Singaporeans with free samples on...everything! Hair products, facial products, makeup, even food! Simply register here, and you are set!

What if there is spam? And do I get unwanted ads/viruses and other stuff?

NOPE! I have not received any of those things other than confirmation e-mails! It's really easy to do!

This is all free?
YES! However because I am located in US, I have to pay a small shipping fee (goes by weight). But that's it!

If you end up liking the samples you've tried, you can even purchase the regular size in their discounted online store! YESSS! ♥ I am currently waiting for my order to come in so I can do some reviews and maybe even purchases! Super excited! Hope you dollies who want to try new products do so as well! ♥

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