Wednesday, August 10, 2011

❥ ♥ crazy late cosplay update & shopping haul ♥

look at my forehead! -(♥u♥)- i hope to do more looks with forehead showing since i tend to not like my forehead too much! new hairstyle? ♥

hi hi all! ♥ how is everyone! >.<; so sorry for late updates and what-not!

so i have been behind! (~ *A*)~ so sorry! gomenasai! i have been busy so i have not had time to update (; . ;) forgive me! so this is a LONG update with pictures and whatnot of what has been going on with mikan lately! enjoy~ ♥

firstly!it was my first time going to E3 and COMIC-CON this year! for those of you who don't know, E3 is an electronics entertainment expo which means...

video games
Video games

because E3 is a industry-only convention, you cannot buy badge to go in! fortunately for me though, i got a pass! ~(*u*)~ i only took a few pictures though, but to give a short list of what companies were there..


so basically all the BIG gaming companies (and small ones too!). at E3, there were FREE UNLIMITED VIDEO GAMES TO PLAY! and most of these were newly released consoles/controllers/video games, some are not even released yet! great fun for those who love video games!

with my super-hot booth babe vi! she's so tall with her boots!
i look SO nerdy here :l

at harvest moon booth with my friends! we wanted the freebie llama, but they ran out! (>w<;)
and i'm crouching because i thought i was blocking XD~

SO PRETTY!! my friend stefu playing the new final fantasy! FREE GAMES!!

as for comic-con, it was a comic...CONVENTION! i did forget to bring my camera though (so stupid gahh!!) so i have no pictures for that D: . all i have to say is that there are fewer cosplayers at a comic con than an anime con! i am not used to that! but DEFINITELY more organized than all the other cons i have been to! at this con, i did get lots of nice freebies! and bought a TOKI DOKI X MARVEL PHONE STRAP! it came as a blind-box, which means it is random and you don't know what you get until you open it! and i go THOR (SO CUTEEE!!!)! here are the possible ones you could get:
a good bunch of them are uber cute! gahhh!! one girl went crazy and bought a WHOLE BOX SET, all UNOPENED just so she could get a thor! sorry for her, i wanted my thor, and she bought a whole box set just to get ONE. e_e;

sometime before E3, i went to FANIME!! my first con in nor-cal! was very fun! definitely different from so-cal cons! and FINALLY did finish my SNIPER cosplay from RAGNAROK ONLINE!!

this is what it should look like:

and my version... >> holds breath <<
 TA-DA! and yes, that is a miku wig that belongs to one of my friends! and that's my friend stae getting ready for her THIEF cosplay, also from RO!

we actually had a giant cosplay group for RO going on! we took quite a bit of pictures, but i'll secretly release one photoshoot picture i took...but please don't make fun of me!

>.<; i don't have abs, but it's ok i guess! please don't judge me =_=;. anywho, this came out really nice! at least a LOT nicer than what i expected, especially since i felt so silly taking pics! why? imagine me in cosplay at a park in public, jumping 10x over and over...i'm sure a few people stopped and stared, thinking, "WHAT IS SHE DOING?! WEIRDO!!" ~(X_X)~ i do have more pictures, but i'm waiting on the editing from my photographer friends! so do wait if you wish to see more of me being silly! heee~

what else have i been up to?

i had some old plastic bracelets that i do not wear anymore! i am in the "more gyaru/ulzzang" phase, so i like the slightly more feminine/mature look! so i got an old t-shirt, and cut long, thin strips, got some glue, and did this..

i love wearing handmade bracelets! the white hemp ones i made myself, the olive one is made by my younger brother (i know! so sweet! ♥) and the blue/white one is a gift from stae! there's even a little red fish on it! ♥ love it! my writs feel very naked without such charms! layer these with more bracelets and bangles, and i am completely accessorized with any outfit i have (i like neutral, casual, feminine fusion! so it works!). i also made a similar brown suede one, to go with my neutral/bohemian styles that i have!

ah, speaking of fashion, IT HAS BEEN SO LONG SINCE I HAVE SHOPPED! i am a bit picky with my clothes, so when i buy things, they are usually worth it! has to be comfy, stylish, and affordable! my recent, and small, haul this time is from forever21!!
i am in love with neutral colors lately! haul includes lace puff shoulder-sleeves body-form dress in nude ivory! VERY well fit on me, which is rare because with my height, i am never a small, and never a medium (small is too short and tight, medium too wide!). but this small fits perfect! next is coral lace patterned tee! loose-fitting and see-through, great for layering! and lastly, glitter shine tee! loose tee that can be dressed up or down, because of the glitter thread! interchangeable!! ♥

and that is it for now! this took a while for me to update, so sorry! i do have a review coming up on some samples i have tried, so please keep an eye out for that! much loves to all! ♥

p.s. what are your favorite bloggers to follow? i always like reading updates in my blogger feed, so do let me know who i may like to follow! thankies much! -(♥v♥)-

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