Saturday, November 26, 2011

♥ small update~!

currently nomming on a fruit platter. seriously i need to make up for all the meat i eat. XD~

haven't shown my face in a while. this was...two months ago? gomen~

HOW WAS EVERYONE'S THANKSGIVING? i got really plumpy and full for...a while. -pass out-

since everyone was busy shopping for Black Friday, koto, stae, ana, and i decided to do some fabric shopping instead! derp derp, we are so lame!

So I drove over to koto's house since everyone was meeting there, and then i drove (I know right, ME?!) to Fashion District in Downtown L.A. to get some shopping done since... ana persuaded  koto and mikan to do a cosplay with her. WHICH COSPLAY HMMM?? ;x i will say when the time gets closer!

but because we are girls and we take our time with things, we got hungry before we even got there -(x_x;)- and so we decided to grab food first! first stop, Chado Tea Room!


  Images above courtesy of Yelp

the place is awesome!  my first time there was when it was koto's birthday, and we liked it so much that we went back! the tea selection is HUGE (as you can see from photo!), and i can tell because when the server handed me the menus, the biggest one was for teas! i originally thought it was the food menu ~(=.= ~). the tea is really nice, you can order by pot, cold or hot, and the pricing is VERY reasonable! the food is also amazing! check out their website and find one near you, really, it's awesome! e_e;

 my food! at least i remembered to take a pic with my cell! ♥

so after we ate we had to run back to the car because our meter was running out...but again, because we are girls (pahahaha! ;x) we got distracted when we passed by the Tokyo store! the store is like a mini market with figurines, plushies, bento boxes, makeups, cookware, anime DVDs, and more! like really, guys and girls can go in and get stuck there for some time! we got distracted and made some purchases. i ended up buying one pair of falsies and a glue, since my glue dried out and i wanted to try new falsies style.


Images above found through Google Search

my "black friday" purchase! never used clear adhesive, hope it's ok!
so sorry i forgot to take pictures since i was busy staring at falsies and chatting with the girls x_x;. ANYWHO, we FINALLY ended up purchasing our fabric after like..4 hours of procrastination. will show progress pictures or final picture when i'm done sewing!

anyone going to ALA (Anime Los Angeles)? i haven't been to a con in so long! i miss all my cosplayer friends and cafe peeps ♥

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