Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dinner at Bazaar

Sorry everyone! I am in process of migrating some posts in my other blog (so much more convenient) to this one! SO much easier! May expect quite a few posts. Ah, and I did not date these >.<; Gomen~  

My "hubby"/date for the night. She might not know it, but she was totally my arm-candy ;x. Finally, an updated pic of me!

A restaurant containing an extensive list of tapas in small portions; hor d'ourves meant to be ordered in mass quantities for a nice group of individuals who want plenty of variety in their meal. Total came to $600ish for a friendly group of 6.

The girls! Bobo, Mio/twinsy/birthday-girl, hubby, and me! I feel so under-dressed =_=;

The meats were delicious, and I think I'm starting to grow rather fond of seafood. Happy birthday Mio!

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