Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Best Gift to Give

My boyfriend made me, as a belated birthday gift, a bike. He purchased the parts online and/or bought some at a bike shop, and for several months, manual labor was used to create a beautiful white beach cruiser with a leather seat and black basket. Lovely, but why a bike?

Because I cannot ride one. My boyfriend said he'd teach me, and to do so, I would need a bike. So somewhat secretly, he had been building this magnificent steed of mine up north, and surprised me when I went to visit him. Though it was epic fail because the seat was not stable, I was happy with all the effort he put into making me a bike on his own. That's love.

To match his efforts, I had to recollect all the small things I noticed that he liked but never purchased. Though his birthday gift comprised of many parts (I go all out, and so there goes one month's paycheck), I finally settled on making him, for his main gift, the backpack he had been longing for: Timbuk2's Hemlock. Here is a photo and a videoclip of the backpack.

My semi-futile attempt at replicating:

Made a replica of Timbuk2's Hemlock backpack for the boyfriend's birthday gift. Fully lined with a waterproof interior with a notebook protector/divider. Outside-front pocket has interior organizer, outside-side pocket for water bottle stash. Made of ballistic nylon; this means heavy-duty peeps. Double-stitched for reinforcement. 100% waterproof. The only thing I decided not to add was the utility straps for accessories as it seemed more of an aesthetic for my boyfriend since he is not likely to utilize them. Took me two weeks to make, mostly because I had to draft the pattern on my own and try to figure out how to make everything lined without having it look overly done.

My boyfriend loved it. I am considering doing my own designs now!

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