Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Daily Fashion

 I've been doing daily fashion posts more recent on my other blog, so now I am moving them over here! Ü

Wore dark clothes today; was a tad gloomy out. I kind of just tossed everything on as I did not feel pretty today.

Leather Jacket - gift from boyfriend
Ribbed Tank - F21 ($3; purchased from "extras" in Downtown LA)
Skinny Jeans - Se7en For All Mankind (gift)
Belt - purchased at La Bufadora, Mexico ($9)
Wedges - Karmaloop (sale, $16)
Total outfit cost: $28 (SUPER WIN!)

Let me HIGHLY recommend leather purchases in Mexico. You know it's authentic when the boutique owner gets a match and tries to light your belt on fire, only to see it in the same condition. So awesome.

Decided to do some damage at The Body Shop since I purchased a Groupon ($20 for $40-worth). Got this tote filled with goods. Purchased tote proceeds go towards a charitable foundation in which their efforts are to prevent sex trafficking. Going to use this as a shopping/grocery bag.

Another outfit from...another day. Working with one piece and seeing how I can work it different ways.
Top/Dress - Forever21 ($10.99)
Pants - Forever21 (clearance: $10.99)
Penny Loafers - Anne Klein (Macy*s; membership + clearance: $35)
 Total Outfit Cost : $56.98
Top/Dress - Forever21 ($10.99)
Heels - Target ($21)
Total Outfit Cost : $31.99

A dress I purchased at Forever21 quite some time ago. I told myself that I could probably rock a GaGa-esque look, but instead I tried to dress down the puffed sleeves. I am a wimp x_x;. I can't rock a lot of bold colors or I'll get scared or something. Maybe when I'm feeling super confident I'll do it one day.

I am more likely to wear the more man-like outfit over the simple dress and pumps; I've never been good with dresses and heels. I feel exposed with dresses, and I walk like a retarded giraffe with heels. Fortunately enough, these pumps are the perfect height so I won't trip over a pebble.

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