Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Received my Pomander Pendant from JewelMint today! SO IN LOVE.

What I love about this (and I am not usually fond of necklaces) is the fact that it can be filled with a cottonball spritzed with your signature scent. The perforated top allows the scent to seep out little by little, and the cotton inside retains a good amount of your perfume so that your signature scent is constantly in the air. Another thing I love about this? It's so simple, it goes with anything and everything.

If you haven't already started shopping at JewelMint, I believe first-time shoppers get their first item for $9.99 (just wait for that to pop up in your e-mail). They do charge a monthly due of $29.99 (which basically allows you to pick one item per month; they pre-charge your account) after your first purchase though, so be sure to talk to a rep. via online chat (SO great that they have that) to pause your account so that they don't keep charging you if you don't plan on shopping there that often.

Pictures courtesy of JewelMint

I am starting to turn into a jewelry fiend, hunting for those perfect accessories that go with everything. Being a girl is hard!

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