Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting Some Greenery ♥

I swear, sometimes I feel like my life is in front of a computer. I just eat and breathe computer exhaust (LOL is there such thing?). So even though I have been sick for the past two days, I dragged myself into my favorite jeans (A.P.C. Petite Standards), a plain black tee (with my glow-in-the-dark Daft Punk stencil on back ;x), and my sandal wedges that don't get enough love, just to follow my brother to pick up something from his friend. And I STILL end up being too lazy, so I just sit in his car. /foreverfat (T。T;

So I think I should see some greenery more in front of my computer somehow.


I know the name is weird, but you'll see why!
Boyfriend got me several of these cuties after his cousin's wedding! His cousin had them purchased in Japan in bulk and brought it to the states!
This one is basil! Hopefully I can grow it well and then pick fresh basil off..the egg!

I know, cute but weird right? HOW DO YOU GROW ANYTHING IN THIS?! -(♥n♥;)-

1. Crack it
2. Water it
3. Steal the leaves grow it

There are seeds inside the egg already, but just in case, they provide you with a vacuum-sealed pouch with more seeds! I definitely need this...since my green thumb isn't very.. green. (・へ・)
I ALREADY MESSED UP! ( ̄□ ̄;) I cracked it lightly with a spoon (as mentioned in instructions), but it was TOO light.. so I gave another smack, and I think I hit it too hard so his forehead has a split!  Still okay, but so upset at my mistake gah! :/

Did a purchase recently as well! Will wait for it to come (may take a few weeks =_=) before I do a review! Super excited since it is..





I am SUPER excited for these two items as my lashes are very straight and never hold curls long. I've tried other mascaras and they do not hold curls at all! Heard so many great reviews on these two items and decided to do an investment. Super excited!

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