Thursday, April 5, 2012

♥ Mikan's Giveaway Winner ♥

Anyone remember my giveaway on Facebook a few months ago? I finally got some of the goodies out for a picture! My lovely winner Gz will be receiving this along with my famous (I say famous because everyone always asks for commission on it) handmade bear hoodie! What else? This isn't even ALL of the prize!

My second hoodie ♥
Navy-striped cropped blazer from Asia, aviation hat (seriously, you all KNOW this is because of SNSD ;x), handmade mini skirt, handmade usamimi headband, gyaru-inspired chiffon blouse, black ruffle pencil skirt with lace, makeup bag, Rimmel eyeshadow (with my FAVORITE neutral shades), VS lip gloss, Betsey Johnson dangle earrings, and various face/makeup goodies!
The cost of my giveaway was NOTHING! Everything is free, and only thing you had to do was join the event on Facebook, promote it, and that was it! Every time I had more attendees, I would up the prizes. This time, I had second AND third place prizes! Smaller prizes, but for the cost of..nada!

Winner of my giveaway also has a free entree pass to AM2 AniMaid Cafe event! Get treated like a princess (or prince!) and relax~ ♥

Keep an eye out for future events I will be hosting! This was my SECOND giveaway, so do expect more to come! -(♥u♥)-

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