Monday, May 21, 2012

★ food and steph★

( ^_^)/ やぁ! I have been more frequent with my posts. YAY! :) proud? PROUD!! 

So a few days ago, my friends and I decided to throw a karaoke-night at Round1 for our friend Steph as she is going to move to NorCal! O_O Y U LEAVE US STEFU?!

It will be weird since everyone always goes to her place to hang out and bum...but now she will be gone! You know what though, I am very happy for her! 


As an illustrator (I wouldn't know since I am not one, but this is what I think ;x), I always imagined it to be hard to get work since some companies are going for a certain "style". Of course, each illustrator has their own personalized touch, so I always imagined it to be difficult to find the right company! Anywho, I hope she does well, learns plenty, and progress in the industry! GAMBATTE!!

You can see her work on dA and Tumblr!

オメデタクナゲ!(ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┸┸ ムキーーーー!!!

So I started off going to Koto's place first to drive to Steph's, then we carpool over. The first thing I saw:
They were playing aggressively! Pocky (underneath the white fluff) was gnawing at Shia's face e_e;. We bummed around a bit in her room before going to Steph's since we were early (and her place is like 10min. away only!). Koto (FINALLY) gave me the pokute amigurumi she made for me a while back; it was lost in her piles of cosplay =_=;.
Okay, EVERYONE says it looks scary, but this is actually innocent and cute-ish... from the anime Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu. Here is the anime image of several of them:

Ya..okay it's still kind of creepy, but I can't help but like weird creepy-ish weird/cute things? LOL! Watch the anime!!! It's actually pretty funny XD

Okay so when everyone got to Steph's house, we headed over to Round1 for food and karaoke! A WHOLE ROOM TO OURSELVES!!

My order:
Chili cheese fries with Round1 Burger (that's what it said on the menu lol!)

IT WAS DELICIOUS. I don't know if it was due to my hunger or if it was really that delicious.

More pictures!!!
Okay, so John and I tried to make a star..
But failed.. instead, I improvised..
WITH AN APP ON MY PHONE LOLLLLL! ;x Ever since I got a smart phone (Samsung Galaxy SII), I have been too lazy to use my digital camera! Who needs it when you have awesome apps, 8.0 megapixels, and a bajillion filters and photo-editing apps? NOT ME! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆バンバン!!

Got to admit, I went to the restroom and passed by many purikura booths... so I went into one and took pictures of my outfit the best I can..

Kind of failed since my arms are not as long as a meter LOLL! ;x
John take my picture? Nah. XD
Notice my face is rather naked! I have been going pro-minimal, so more natural makeup!! O(≧∇≦)O

We stayed out pretty late, and had lots of singing (although I was too embarrassed to really sing e-e)! GOOD LUCK STEPH!!!

Of course, some random foods I had the past week: 

KOREAN HOTPOT SOUP THING. This place was SO good. I definitely need to come back again!
I swear this place is all about recycling. After the soup was done, they put in some oil and some kimchi and rice, along with some other spices, to make some kimchi fried rice! Also, since we had TWO pots of soups, they actually hand tossed noodles inside the other pot of leftover broth! DELICIOUS!! And right after that we had two different dessert soups; one more sour and refreshing, other tasted like honey chrystanthemum tea. SO GOOD. Do visit Ondal 2 if you have big party of people who want to just sit and eat and chat!

AND WE WANTED MORE!! Went to Ice Kiss in Koreatown to get shaved ice. So noms!!

Ice Kiss Shaved Ice

Some other things I have been hooked on to...

..if you are my friend on Facebook, then you know that I recently got hooked onto crochet again! Koto gave me some super soft yarn, and so I made some accessories!!

 I WANT MORE YARN!! Maybe I'll do commissions... we'll see! :P

Random, but I had a day out with my mom, and indulged in some noodle soup stuffs:
Seriously, will I EVER tire of noodle soup dishes? NEVAR!!!!

Stay tuned as I have been finding more things to post on!  (^・ェ・)ジー

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