Monday, May 14, 2012

♪ Happy Mother's Day~♥

I bet everyone had a wonderful weekend spoiling their mothers? Yes? No? YES!!

It was hard for me to try to spoil my mom since she's particular in things she like. So what did I do? I was her chauffeur for the weekend! She was LIKE A BOSS. Anything for my mama! (ミ ̄ー ̄ミ) ニャ

Basically took her to do all the errands and fought with her to pay for things she wanted/needed to buy. Really? Really mom?  (_ ̄■ ̄ ;_)

Treated mom to lunch at Coconut Bay; she wanted Thai food and we were conveniently in the area!


After eating, we ran around doing more errands! =_=; seriously, she does not like taking breaks or something.


 Finally at one point, she decided that she wanted to go to Daiso; I talked to her about it when I went with my friends, and she wanted to take a look. She wanted to buy this hand exercising thing so that her fingers would look nicer and she can wear rings better. ( ̄へ ̄ ;) Not exactly sure if that's how it works... but she was looking for this thing:


Strangely enough, I recalled seeing this at Daiso and mentioned it to her. SO WE WENT! We planned on spending $1.50 since my mom just wanted that...but we spent $26? =_=; That's what happens when you go to Daiso.

The small haul!
Cutting board, glass jar, gardening shears, sickle, and shovel.
Found these items on our way.

But whatever, it was Mother's Day, so whatever she wants, I get. I bought her a sickle. LOLL! (^凹^)ガハハ

FINALLY FOUND IT! She decided to get two.. one for each hand, so she can work out both hands at the same time lol! 

My random bottom fashion of the day (BFOTD):

Sperry penny loafers, Zara skinny, Ralph Lauren belt, Tahari button-up.
I have been loving the more "mature" preppy style.. or maybe I am aging..? ・゜゜・(/□\*)・゜゜・わ〜ん
I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT! So I have been trying no enlarging contacts, and more mode-gyaru style! In a way, I LOVE IT!! Still testing this look/style out to see how I feel about it.

..Also, I grew some guts to show off forehead hairstyle (THANKS TO THE HEADBAND I PURCHASED AT DAISO!).






I FEEL SO WEIRD WITHOUT CONTACTS. However, I do like this more feminine-mature look! Can I get some opinions on this? e_e; Hmm..

Anywho, on Mother's Day, we (mom and I) took out my grandparents to dim sum. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is like brunch brought to you! You basically sit at a table, and carts pass by with different dishes, and you get to pick what you want and how many! It's nice...EXCEPT ON HOLIDAYS IT IS A WAR ZONE!

This is the FIRST HALF of Ocean Star Restaurant. I swear all the waiters were running like ninjas. I forgot how busy it gets!

Almond Milk Tea from Ten Ren
 Even though I was stuffed, I was still able to chug down some almond milk tea! Haven't had this in so long!! d(-_^)good!!

Finally, for dinner...

..we decided to not go out. Everywhere is packed and the wait for ANYTHING is long! So the family decided to order Chicago-style deep-crust pizza from Masa! I normally don't like pizza (probably because I had too much take-out pizza in school, :l ), but this is made FRESH!
Chicago Deep Dish Pizza from Masa: chicken, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, and pineapple
 I highly recommend this! Also, they can make HEART SHAPED pizzas for your special occasion! Cute! -(♥w♥)-

 The day went by quickly since we were on the move the whole time. EXHAUSTINGGG!
Also, I finished the whole bag of almond chocolates I purchased from Daiso already. D: fatty me :l


So how about that new look? Yes? No? ( ̄ ̄ ̄∇ ̄ ̄ ̄; アリャ?

I am totally getting influence from model Lie.. except I don't look as hot LOL (´Д`;)/ヽァ・・・

Now it looks like too much forehead. GAH. (″ロ゛)ヤメテー

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